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Some individuals work from home as telecommuters and others as freelancers. According to statistics for 2009, about 87 percent of employees who work for employers telecommute at home. Despite the numerous advantages of work from home, there are also challenges to deal with, like staying motivated. Fortunately, you can take measures to find the motivation you need to succeed in your work-from-home job.   

1. Choose a well-lit area for your work-from-home office. If possible, choose an area by a window where you can benefit from natural light. Inadequate lighting could cause you to become sleepy or bored. According to research, light plays an important role in daily rhythms and cycles in the human body. Such cycles affect the production of certain hormones, which could cause you to feel tired or sleepy, making it difficult to remain motivated while you work.

2. Create a pleasant work environment.

  • Green plants and flowers have the ability to liven up a place and promote cheerfulness. If your home office does not face a garden, position some potted plants outside your window. A bird feeder or birdbath can help you enjoy nature while you work. 
  • A couple of hanging planters with your favorite flowers positioned on the outside of your windowsill can contribute to a cheerful, pleasant environment. A vase with fresh-cut flowers on your desk can go a long way in helping you remain motivated. 
  • Decorate your office with plaques containing motivational sayings. Use easels to display them on your desk or hang them on the wall. 
  • Remind yourself of the reasons you have for working from home. Is spending more time with your family important? Display family pictures to keep you motivated. 

3. Consider the benefits of work-at-home employment. Such benefits include the following: 
Your work from home job saves you time.You do not have to spend time getting ready in the morning.You don’t have to sit in traffic during rush hour. You don’t have to deal with office politics.You don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder.You save money on gas and work clothes.If you have children, you save money on daycare.

4. Take advantage of work-at-home forums. It is natural to need association and comradery. If you telecommute for a company that does not have an online forum, join a work at home forum. Sign up is generally free. You can participate in the discussions or simply read other posters’ comments. 

The following are a few examples of work-at-home forums: 

  • Work-From-Home Moms (WAHM)
  • Work Place Like Home 
  • Home with the Kids
  • The Honest Work from Home Success Forum 

Some work-at-home freelancers like to drop by their preferred forum while on breaks. It gives them a chance to enjoy some association and even receive encouragement. You will find that most online communities are helpful and the members support each other.

5. Keep your home office organized. Clutter can lead to discouragement, frustration and cause you to waste time.  

Overall, work-from-home employment can be rewarding and fulfilling. Although there are challenges associated with this type of employment, there are things you can do to find motivation and remain focused on your work. With the right measures, you too can find the motivation needed to succeed in your work from home job.      

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