Many travelers believe there is not much danger in taking a cruise. It appears less threatening and more luxurious than traveling by plane or automobile. Unlike the olden days when people were stricken with fear from the Titanic disaster, it is very unlikely that your ship would crash into an iceberg or glacier during a cruise to Antarctica or a Celebrity Alaska cruise. Although technology has made cruise ships more reliable, all passengers should brush up on their knowledge of safety skills while traveling. Better safe than sorry.

At the start of the cruise, pay careful attention to the lifeboat safety drill. Most cruise lines require a mandatory safety orientation before the ship leaves the dock. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the layout of the ship as well as familiarize yourself with the locations and people to report to in the event of an emergency. Try your best to remember the fastest and safest route from your stateroom cabin to the designated lifeboat area.

While enjoying your vacation, don't forget to watch out for your physical health. Maintain your steady regimen of daily vitamins and take advantage of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. To avoid contagious diseases avoid public restroom facilities and use the private restroom in your cabin as often as possible.

If you're a first-time cruiser, you may not have grown into your sea legs quite yet. Always wear appropriate footwear to avoid injuries. Ships are known to sway in the ocean, and you do not want to suffer from a nasty fall. And ladies, you will not want to be wearing heels when the boat is rocking.

Although there are formal nights on most cruises, passengers are advised to leave their valuables at home. It's not worth it to lose an irreplaceable jewel. If you are seen showing off obviously expensive attire and accessories, potential thieves will see you as an easy target. As with valuables, do not show off your cash. Keep your money out of sight when possible. When shopping around for souvenirs during shore excursions, keep your cash in a traveler's money belt under your shirt to prevent being robbed.

If possible, always use the buddy system. Single travelers are more likely to be targets for crime and assault than travelers in groups. And if you're accustomed to drinking frequently, always have a sober friend to guide you when necessary. However, it is best to simply drink in moderation. The most common safety issue on cruise ships is sexual assault, and most of these sexual assaults occur to victims who are visibly intoxicated. Always be wary of the people surrounding you in unfamiliar places.