The behavior about overeating is not easy to take away because it is built into our culture. As kids, we were told by our parents especially our mothers to eat all of the food on our plate. In fact, you could not eat your favorite desert not unless you finished everything on your plate. Now as adults, we still feel that way- especially when eating time. The only difference is that we are now the ones paying for our own food, and thus we don't want our money to be wasted by not eating everything. Let's accept it that we always make sure to get what we are paying for and eating every last drop of the food.

stop overeating

Many have agreed that it is not the upbringing, but it has something to do with our past evolution. It has been proven that the more choices there are when choosing food to eat, the more the chance to overeat. And for this, we can say that buffets are not really good for our diets simply because it allow us to put everything we like on our plate. The same also applies when eating at home, given the chance that you have chocolates, cakes, apple pie, and ice cream around, there will be no doubt that it's going to be 100% great snack!

Here are some of the tips to avoid overeating:

Prepare food in a similar way. As what have mentioned earlier, the many of food varieties available, the more you will overeat. So, you will eat less if you prepare foods that are similar when it comes to their color, texture, and shapes.

Have a soup. Soup and the likes are proven to give satisfaction right after eating even just a little bit. This is the opposite with many foods like deep fried where hundreds worth of calories can be found and still feel hungry afterwards.

Eat more on salad. There can be no doubt that salad is a delicious food, nutritious and very low in calories. So if you are hungry, you better order salad rather than ordering those unhealthy appetizers full with carbohydrates.

Stay away from the temptations. Avoid having cookies and ice cream in your house, so that you will not think worry about these foods. It is also the same for buffets and you have to avoid it at all costs. There is a big difference between splurging and going to buffets. Splurging has limitation or limitations while buffets obviously did not work that way.

Always perform your exercise routines. Nothing beats with healthy balanced lifestyle and exercise. Through exercise, you will become fit, feel better and healthier. So the next time you get bored, just go outside and play a game of basketball or any other outdoor games. Just remember that a healthy lifestyle can stop you from overeating.