Okay guys, listen up! Did you know that your girl has at least one lady in her circle whose guy is an expert at making her swoon with little gestures that you've never thought of? It's true, trust me. Guys are compared on completely different planes and their performance is graded on a daily basis. I can't think of any girl who hasn't at least once said "Why can't MY fella do that?"

Listen up - after years of marriage and lots of girlfriends over the years who made me wonder where my movie character, unbelievable and fantasy guy were, let me share with you some of the most grand gestures that I have either experienced or heard about over the years...and none of these will break your bank!

1. Buy a couple of movie tickets to the latest "chick flick" and invite one of her best friends to go (hey, and you get out of the ooey, gooey, teary-eyed moment of horror in every man's dating and/or married life!).
2. Pick up a "thinking of you" card for less than a dollar (it doesn't have to be fancy) and mail it to her, even if you share the same house.
3. Have a glass of wine or her favorite drink waiting on her when she gets home from work (I know...sounds like the housewife of the 50s, but hey - a little role reversal can go a long way!).
4. Take her to the mall and go to her favorite store, surprise her with the offer to buy her one pair of shoes - for no reason, and these days one pair of shoes is about as far as you can go without breaking your bank!
5. Send her an email once a week just to tell her something that she did or said that made you happy the prior week (come on, it can't be THAT hard, can it?).
6. Pick some fresh flowers for her (I know, hard to do in the dead of winter, but think SPRING) and surprise her with a very low-cost alternative to your local florist. If it's cold outside, grab a $10 arrangement at your local grocery store florist. If you want to wow her even more, arrange them yourself, even if it's in a drinking glass!
7. Buy two nice wine glasses and fill them with her favorite drink, even if it's her favorite soda - drinking out of a wine glass just makes things a little more special.
8. Light a candle at the dinner table.
9. Spray a room freshener, even if you didn't foul the air, right before she walks in the room.
10. Write a list of your favorite anniversaries and sneak it under her pillow or in her desk drawer.

Before long, you'll have her comparing those movie characters to YOU!