You can't start writing your book and continue writing until the book has been written. It's going to take you a few days. Probably a couple of weeks.

We all want our readers to read our article and take action whether it's buying a product, service or donating to our cause. Here are some easy actions you can take and put to work in your article that might just get them interested in reading your article.

  1. Write down a clear cut outline of the story where you have all the plots clubbed together. List out every main idea you have and add some more while actually writing your article. Form the ideas into a sequence of occurrences. Write down the beginning, middle and end of the story of your article.
  2. Give yourself a period for writing and stick to that amount of time. Even if it's just 15 minutes a day. Initially you're just going for the discipline. Eventually you'll get the writing quality as well, but the discipline is most important factor for the completion of your work in the shortest amount of time possible.
  3. Search and read as much materials about what you interested in writing.
  4. Try to be original, don't do any unethical term to violate your article.
  5. Build friendship with a good writers , who can advice you on the right thing that will make what you wrote unique.
  6. Try to use your words and language to describe your story and try to put words together to evoke an image or a mood that resonates in the reader's mind.
  7. Don't stop writing until the book is finished. There's a real tendency to stop and edit the work that you've just completed. After all, editing is a lot easier to do than the actual writing. Keep on writing until the book is finished.
  8. Before you publish your article, revise the whole book for any mistake that might have been done. You may have left out some important point to cover or may have repeated the scene. This also calls for spelling and grammar checks.

So there you have the basic steps on how to write. It is not going to be easy and it may be frustrating. But as you develop your writing, it will began to feel like your baby. You will watch your baby grow until it is ready to be released to the world! Good luck and happy writing.