Ways to be yourself

A famous quote by comedian Lily Tomlin perfectly expressed which many of us have felt most of our lives when she said “I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific."

If you want to be the most ideal person certainly you have to be in YOURSELF. Now the question arises how to be yourself? Though the concept of being oneself sounds so simple but it’s very difficult but not impossible to do. Therefore people feel sore in their own covering and also stressed when they are in societal or communal surroundings.


Just take a look on this matter, majority of people waste their lives being hidden from their own mirror image annoying zealously to be any one other than them selves, and encircled them with persons who pamper their pretense. But we are not deserter.

how to be yourself


Majority of our society is standing on altering something about one self. People have changed their physique, their dressing style, their hair shade, intonation, contest and the whole in the world. It’s not so surprising that there are so many books are written on the idea of being yourself.

Sorry to say but in varietals ways so many people came to the declaration that they them salves are not good enough.



In case of business it’s the summary of committing suicide. The truth is you are all what you are gifted naturally. It will create a counterfeit in you if u try to be any thing else other than your self. But you may have a query that how do you discover the real YOU.

Following steps are given which will help you to enjoy the journey of being you and as well as it can help you out to form a brand for your trade that you can survive with and love.


Embrace All That You Are

Basically this way will help you to accept yourself exactly as you are right now, with your faults and all other negative sides. Give yourself a new beginning from your internal reviewer. At least for one day don’t try to change anything in you not even your bad habits. Don’t think you are advised on the path of self-destruction, but at least for a moment try to be happy with yourself. When you will be able to step back and will look on those mistakes from a diverse point of view, you will find new meaning and idea with in those faults, that what was once considered mistake can be used for something good in life.

Discover Your Secret Dislikes and Hates About Your Life

Sometimes we are doing something in our life that we secretly hate. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. As for example you wear professional business outfit just to impress others, but you will be feeling easy in a pair of jeans and a stylish shirt and snug shoes, instead of your office garments. So just try to find out what other secret dislikes you are indulging,

Get Real

Reality is like a magnet. If you are real, people will automatically get attracted to you. Whether you like to come in terms with it or not, people see through you, and they know if you are real or not. By the way of being yourself you will be able to attract into your life the true people, aspect, condition and will discharge constrictive and optimistic energy that will make your presence significant. After all, the whole spirit of being YOU is to have the freedom of enjoying yourself. Merely a true person deserves enjoying himself or herself. It actually indicates getting down to the fundamentals of being honest with yourself and your God. Always be natural and impulsive and laugh when you feel like it. Always try to understand what’s going on your mind. Never pretend to be joyful when you are actually not. Never put on the chameleon act just to be who you think others want you to be if that's not who you truly are. Reality will make your life very attractive and less difficult.

Be Careful and Aware Whom You Allow Into Your Sphere of Influence

Some people happen to be a people person. They like to meet new people, engaging in intriguing, smart discussion, talking about new ideas, enjoying with their individual success in life. But sometimes they fail to care about who they choose to be in their surroundings, which create rather some serious problems. If such type of people come in your life who test you and try to shake you up it's better to say something that may be considered a little straight forward to see if that person is still is around the next day, So just throw out such unsupportive and disrespectful people from your life.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

In the journey of our life we often see more unhappy people with what they do for work than unhappy, unsuccessful, disappointed grumpier people. It’s just because their carrier was once enjoyable, but now has become intolerable for some reason. Now they get stuck and unable to dream of something new for themselves.  Let me tell you me also have gone through with this situation so I am very much accustomed with the position of holding my breath each day with my depressed job that forfeits the bills, but doesn't nourish my spirit and soul. As per my experience these people are out of alliance with their true spirit wish for. These are the people that repeated the pharmacy purchasing the latest drug for their most recent disease or illness. Once again, been there - done that. Or these are ones who prefer to blame their conditions on things outside themselves. It is exactly why you must face your earnest fears and clear a pathway to find out what you truly love, and make doing what you are devoted to an actuality in your existence.


ENJOY YOURSELF. This is the ultimate."Our life is a magnificent happening, climb up to it!"

I am an entrepreneur for over 28 years. At the moment I think I am enormously thankful that I was capable to follow my mind and my gut -- and be my own boss. All the way through I have faced too many ups and down in my carrier, relationship and physical condition and now I feel great to describe my feeling to help entrepreneurial women so they can incorporate their business and personal life in a sensible and healthy manner.

ways to be yourself

No remedial needed: Learn to Love



Recently I obtained a direct message from the Divine:  It is not required to pay attention on curing anymore. Rather we must concentrate on natural- love. If we focus on needing to heal, we focus on things outside of ourselves. What we need is to love ourselves more, just to make us responsible for loving ourselves. It’s not possible to turn our back on ourselves anymore. We can discover love only within ourselves. How will you define self-love? What should we do to love ourselves more today? Just note it down, before completion of the day.

Being kind, loving, self-caring and concerned to own self will modify our life. When you will do this it will change your life forever. Keep in mind God is here with you and is one with you. I, you, and we need nothing from the outer world. For us the world is a place to engage in recreation and to provide and accept love. ... The development of our essence permits God to confinement fully in us and in mother earth.


Throw yourself into self-love and in your integrity as you reside in the current moment. Embrace yourself once and for all with a full heart. First do love yourself then others. No longer contradict your wholeness because of your apparent limitations / deficiencies. No limitations are there. The procedure has almost completed. There is no need for you to judge each stroke of the brush - you are made in the likeness and image of Me (Father and Mother God). Perfect. There is nothing wrong with you that self-love will not correct, symmetry and steady.

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