There are more people upset with the way the government is handling things for our lives. We read and watch the everyday events revolve around us without not knowing how to change the world by only our individual complaining, which actually does nothing. Even the large problems have begun with one tiny action, so let me explain how our world can be different if we implement some actions.

The computer has allowed us some fantastic awarenes to our local and state surroundings. It is there that we can retrieve information about our elected officials in our communities. When you have the need to find out who your officials are that are your voice in our government, put into your search engine. Your first choice will be send comment, questions and concerns to President Obama, Vice President Biden using email. Follow the directives if those are the people you wish to contact.

The next line has U. S. Senators search by name, state or congressional class. Choose your state in the pop up box from the 50 offered. The result will be names, phone numbers and web site addresses to contact those with anything you want to share. When you click on one person's name you will be asked to fill in your personal information so a response can be returned to you. There will be a subject line with a pull down giving you numerous options. Your comments then can be typed in before you "send my comments" at the bottom. Because of hightened security, any mail sent to Washington DC will be delayed, so this might take some time before a reply is sent to you.

In the vertical line of "Contact Elected Officials", your next choice is the U. S. Representatives. State Governors is next, State Legislators and finally there is a clickable line to Tweet a message to your Representatives. Easy to follow directions will guide you to the person you wish to contact on each of those areas. is a place to search for your local officials of your town, city and counties. There is a map to click on and fill in boxes to obtain addresses and other important information of the voice of your neighborhood elected people serving your needs and concerns.

Use your computer to look into Republican information with the click of the mouse on: Democrats please click on

Make sure you are registered to vote so your individual voice is in the final tally when election time rolls around. You can inquire about registering at any local courthouse by producing proof of who you are and where you reside. Call beforehand so you have the proper documents to produce in order to register to vote.

Connect with local organizations that have guest speakers who are running for office. Attend those meetings and get informed so you can be an intelligent voter. Local newspapers quite often have Republican and Democratic candidates who are vying for your vote in an up and coming election. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in your town to find out where you can discover gatherings that can get you in the loop of all that is available to know.

When you have read this, pass this information along to everyone you talk to, so they will know how they can change our world. Apathy is rampant, which is a non caring attitude that nothing can stop the wrong that is happening. You are part of apathy if you do nothing to exercise your strength in your government. You can change our world by taking some small steps.