Your Friends project your personality. Choosing carefully those you make your friends really is a big step

There is this popular proverb “Show Me Your Friend and I Would Tell You Who You Are”.  It simply states that every man could be defined by the friends he keeps.


The Human nature is a social one. A man requires social company to feel sane at any time. Technologies are constantly developed to keep human communications as open and intimate as possible.


An example could be taken from the Bible of the Christian religion. Adam, the first man who God created, became lonely at one point being the only kind of his specie. God had to create for him a companion. In our world today, nations and economies depend on the inter-connectivity of people to make up a working civilization.

Without social vices like parties, tourism, road trips, social networks, etc. there would be no civilization. It would be total chaos and savagery.


As a person, we need other people in our life to give us a sense of belonging and a platform to express our humanity. These could be colleagues at work, acquaintances in business or most especially, friends.


Making acquaintances is quite easy. As a matter of fact, it sometimes doesn’t require serious choice considerations. You could easily make acquaintance in a social gathering for chat or business discussions. But when it comes to friendships, caution is really needed.


According to the online dictionary at, the word friend means a person that you know, like and trust (“trust” being the keyword here). It can then be said that whoever becomes your friend would be a person you can trust.


If you need to have a friend (which you should) that you can trust with all that you are, your secrets, your fun spots etc, there are certain principles you should follow to choose a friend t


  1. Define yourself: You need to know yourself in the way that you want to be known. Define your likes, dislikes, strong and weak points I know its common for you to think that you know yourself but really what do you now about yourself and from what point of view do you know that part of yourself. If you do not know yourself well, then you probably will choose a person whose nature is totally not compatible with yours.
  2. Keep an open mind: Remember, you need spontaneity  when you want to choose a friend. Although your friend has to be a person with character you find homely, don’t judge a book by its cover  If you predefine what a friend should exactly be like, there are tendencies that you won’t find one
  3. Search within your domain: Friends are supposed to be people who share almost everything. This means that your friends should see things in your perspective and they should come from the same world as you.
  4. Friendship is give-and-take: Every friendship has its mutual benefits. Your friend should be able to give and you should also be able to give in return also. My mother once told me that if I had a friend who does not benefit me either financially, morally, spiritually (she was very spiritually conscious) or emotionally is definitely not a friend but a poser.
  5. You should be “considerate: As much as you might like the universe to be centered on you, it isn’t. You too should work on being a friend to those you call your friends.  One reason why some friendships don’t stand the test of time is because only one of both parties is actually “the” friend. You don’t want to be the odd one now, do you? Whatever you need to see in a friend, search for it within yourself first.


Meeting people is awesome but becoming friends, that’s the hard part. A friend is supposed to be there in thick and thin, right? Well, yes they are. So you need to be careful with  those you call your friends. This will make you feel secure in whatever circumstances you find yourself needing of one.


Good luck on making good friends.