Happy marriage depends on the mutual understanding of the husband and wife. As the married life proceeds most of the men start to get complaints from their wives. Every man should remember that he is supposed to love his wife and has promised her to give all the happiness and security and moreover he has taken the responsibility of his wife for the whole life. Therefore he should take care of the smallest things and understand the wives’ emotions. Hence while dealing with nagging wife he should keep in mind certain things and approach accordingly to handle those problems.

Find Out the Root

While you find your wife making continuous complaints against you try to find out the actual cause of such behavior. No reaction comes without an action. So you should understand that you might have done something wrong that led your wife behaving like this. It may be some small things that somehow slipped out from your mind.Your wife may react in this way due to some suppressed displeasure that she could not show you. For example you have promised her to go with her for an outing or dinner but forgot that being under pressure of your work. So when you return home you find your wife starting off with anger. Try to calm her down explaining everything to her and admitting your fault and apologize for your mistake. At first she may not cool down easily but later seeing the honesty and sincere feeling of yours she would realize the situation and will stop nagging on that point.

Stay Calm

Deal with your wife with calmness and kindness. Do not use harsh words that may lead to further confrontation. Try to talk it out with your wife and put an end to the dispute. Don’t screw up the whole thing by shouting unnecessarily. In stead make her understand that her continuous nagging is actually turning things bitter. Remember not to place your argument right after the complete episode.Listen to her point carefully and then try to explain your own story. Blaming and accusing each other make things more miserable.Therefore solve the problem by discussion.

Change Your Way of  Looking at Things

Your wife may seem nagging because of such things that may appear to you as insignificant and trivial ones but are important to your wife. She may be nagging because she is caring and loving to you and so taking those mundane things seriously as reflecting your lack of responsibility she wants to change your attitude. If you get this simple point you should convince your wife that you may forget something or be careless once in a while but that does not mean you are irresponsible and insincere towards those things. It gives your wife a sense of importance and will make her feel the actual matter.

Stand Your Ground at Times

At some points you should stand your own ground if you are not wrong. Let her know your importance and that she should respect her spouse. If your wife tends to nag saying same thing repeatedly it is time to show her that this is not at all fair if you are sure that this is a trivial matter and not a serious issue that can harm your relationship if remains unsolved.

Make Her Distracted

Try to distract her by saying something funny or making funny faces while she starts off. Do something that she does not expect at that moment like praising her dress or complimenting her long hair. Hold a mirror in front of her face to show her how funny she looks when gets angry. This breaks the flow of the fighting and she gets surprised as she expects you to defend yourself or to be silent when she makes complaints.

Spend Time with Your Wife

Save some quality time for your wife when you can discuss about your relationship and all those little issues that are left unsaid which in turn force her to nag. Try to clear out the buried misunderstanding that can affect your marriage. Even if you don’t have such problems to solve spend time together to get connected with each other.    

How to deal with nagging wife