Are you Frugal? Do you want to save some money? Most of these tips you are about to read are easy to follow and if you add them into your daily living you can save money.


If you drive through Mcdonalds or any other fast food restaurant every morning for a sausage biscuit (about 99c) and a ice coffee (about 1.69) your looking at a lot of dough by the end of the week.

Save money by preparing your own "to go " meals on the weekend and freezing them . You can pop them in the microwave on the way out the door. PLUS you also save TIME , i am always on the go, you can save 15-20 minutes every day .

Some ideas are buying a pack of flour tortillas , they come about 10 to a bag(about 1.29) a dozen of eggs (about 1.89) some shredded cheese ( prices vary on brand but lets say about 1.59-2.00).

You could make 10 rolled up breakfast burritos for about 5.00. You already saved yourself 5 bucks the first week , because this makes TEN burritos for 10 days and not just 5 biscuits for 5 days.!

How about buying some pre made egg patties? They sell them at Sams and Wal-Mart in the frozen food section along with precooked sausage patties. Buy a bag each of those get yourself some English muffins, slap on a piece of cheese and you get an egg mcmuffin which is about 1.89 at McDonalds and you can make them ahead of time at home and freeze them. You will save , save!

Don't like that sort of breakfast? How about some Kolachies? You can buy them frozen but you could make your own! Buy some Pillsbury or other cheap biscuit in the pop open rolls in the refrigerator section and wrap up an old Smokey sausage in it. Cook them in the oven , add a little piece of cheese if you want, put them in Ziploc baggies, or saran wrap. Throw one in the microwave and voila! Breakfast!

If you like something sweet for breakfast, try making up some pancakes ahead of time and freezing them also. They microwave well, but are a little hard to eat on the go, you could wrap up a sausage link in the pancake and you got a pancake breakfast you can take with you!

You might even consider making up a coffee cake on the weekend or a crumb cake, you can cut it into bars and freeze them for an on the go meal.

Drink for breakfast....Iced coffee? I love them i have to admit, but they get to be expensive Alert ! Alert ! you can make your own. Take a pitcher , make some coffee. Add it to the pitcher. Make a recipe of simple syrup and add some good vanilla to it. Let it cool. Add the simple syrup to a thermal mug, add your cooled off coffee, a little ice and your good to go. This is very simple to make. Even better you can buy the creamer that is French vanilla and add it to your chilled iced coffee. Not quite as good as Mickey D's but close. Now you know this is cheap to make.! Coffee, ice, creamer, simple syrup and your good to go. You can make the coffee ahead of time , put it in the fridge and use it all week. It will still be good.

Don't like coffee? Soda person you say? Try to buy cheaper brand cola and or soda and bring your own to work. The inexpensive brands are almost as good as "the real thing", and you can certainly make your own coffee using a coffee maker with an "auto Start" feature. Set it the night before and coffee is a brewing and ready to go in the morning. You don't have to fuss with it when you get up. Buy a thermal cup and you are out the door. It is so much more convenient to make things ahead of time and grab them on the way out. Saving time and Money.

LUNCH. Another opportunity to save money.

Eating out every day can be expensive, even if you like to go out and eat you can still eat cheaply . For instance, instead of buying that 6.00 salad at sonic, grill you up some chicken breast patties on the weekend or leftovers from your weekend barbecue, buy a head of lettuce which is relatively cheap, some cut up carrots or whatever you wish , make a salad put it in small plastic containers and you have your salad for a fraction of the price. Keep some plastic utensils in your vehicle or in your desk drawer this will save money, or better yet, when you go out to eat, pick up a few extras and stash them.

Make up some sandwiches with cheese and meat, freeze them in the freezer or put them in the fridge till your ready to get them . Throw them in your bag, or get a small lunch satchel and take it with you. Make up your lunch the night before and you are good to go.

Chips, bring some chips with your sandwich. Place them in Ziploc baggies. The dollar stores have awesome prices on chips and if you catch chips on sale buy a couple extra bags, it does save you money in the long run.

Fruits and veggies (fresh ) are your best bet for lunch rather than prepackaged fruits and veggies. You can buy a whole bag of carrots for almost nothing and wash them and cut them up cheaper than you can buy the prepared carrots already washed and chopped.

Frozen veggies for dinner! Very economical! You can buy big bags of these and just cook what you need. No need opening a whole can if no one is going to eat the whole thing. Pop it in the microwave and they are done in no time flat!

Potatoes, Instant potatoes are more economical than the bags. They are faster to prepare and you get a heck of a lot more for the money. Unless of course your are frying them or using them in potato salad , then you have to spring for the real deal.

Milk: buy your milk in the gallon jugs, when it gets about halfway empty, make up some powdered milk and add it to the remaining milk in the jug. No one will know the difference. My mom did this all the time when we were kids to save money.

Buy meats in bulk, you get a cheaper price per pound and you can portion your servings out and freeze them. No waste.

Cheaper meat does not mean tougher meat. You can cook a round steak slower and longer and get great results. It doesn't have to be a rib eye to taste good. Eye of chuck is very good and sometimes even better than the rib eye.

Don't skimp on the hamburger! Don't buy that 60/40 mix get the 80/20 or the ground chuck less fat is less waste. Buy it in the family packs and on sale is even better! Portion it out and freeze it with foil or in freezer bags or paper. This will save you money in the long run. All that fat in that hamburger is going to cook out of it and you will be left with merely a handful of edible meat .

Don't wash dishes in your dishwasher until you have a full load , better yet wash them in the sink. You save money on water, electricity , and soap.

Turn off your lights when your not using them. NO need to have the porch light on in the daytime is it? This will save you a few bucks a month.

Use energy efficient light bulbs. Sure they cost a little more but they last a very long time and use a lot less electricity, plus good for the environment.


Try buying the "Store Brand" items .! Sure some store brand items are not as good as the name brand but you have to try them out to find out. For instance I don't like store brand chili, it is too greasy, but the store brand veggies or paper towels and other items are just as good as the name brand. You have to do a little bit of research.


Coupons! Coupons are awesome! It takes a little work , but only use coupons for stuff you normally use. If you don't use cream cheese and you have a coupon, don't buy it. And if the name brand with the coupon is still higher than the store the store brand you don't gain anything by doing that.

There are a lot of people into coupon saving that actually will end up getting items for "free" by comparison shopping at stores. For instance if the store has paper towels on sale for 1.00 off and you have a coupon for 1.00 off then you basically get it for free. Or if you buy one get one free at the store and you have a coupon for buy one get one free you will get two free rolls of towels. There is a website called "I love and they have all the tricks of the trade out there. If your interested check it out.

Buying stuff on clearance.! You cant always get a great bargain buying things on clearance but it can be a money saver. For instance clothing is always on clearance in most stores and online. Most grocery stores usually have stuff on clearance like day old bakery items (good breakfast idea ..donuts, turnovers, bread) and other department stores will put stuff on clearance too. Even the dollar stores have clearance. Holiday Items after Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, a lot of that is just junk you don't really need unless its gift wrap or something like that. If you buy clearance valentine candy your not accomplishing too much but a bigger waistline. That's not really saving money. You can't put that up for next year.

Bottled water! Come on , do we really need to spend 2.00 a day for a bottle of water? You can get 5 gallons of water at the grocery store for 1.35 in your own jug and put it on a water dispenser and come out cheaper. Get a thermal cup or refill some of those bottles you would throw away and put them in the fridge or take it with you on the go. So wasteful. Its just tap water. If that doesn't suit your fancy, buy a faucet water purifier or a pitcher purifier way cheaper .

Stop buying single soda's at the convenience store! Buy them when they are on sale by the case or buy them by the 12 pack. Very much money saved here. They usually run for a 20 oz about 1.59 at the C store but you can by a six pack of 20 Oz at Wal-Mart for about 3.00, you just saved about 6 bucks!


Mail order prescriptions! You can save a lot here also. You get three months of medicine at a time shipped all at once and its like buying two months and getting one free. Check into this mucho money saving option with your insurance company.

If you go to the movies, that is very very expensive especially at the mall! Food and drinks are outrageous! Smuggle in some boxes of whoppers they are about a buck each at Wal-Mart. If you don't want to do that. Skip out on the drinks and popcorn and opt out to eat dinner out after the show. Its going to be cheaper to do that.! Why not sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster, buy yourself some microwave popcorn, a couple two liters of soda and enjoy the show at home. Or better yet, play a board game with your family and friends , this is so much fun! Try it!

I always tell people to avoid carnivals, big rip-off, too much money being wasted here.

Video Games: EBay! Your best bet is buying them online at eBay or Amazon. You may also want to try the local pawn shop for DVD's, Movies, Electronics , would be surprised!

Household Cleaners: Try using cheaper stuff like vinegar for windows and baking soda to clean the sinks. Look up some alternative cleaning chemical options.. If you have to have them, why not buy the cheaper brand? Dollar store has scrubbing bubbles knockoff for a buck, glass cleaner for a buck, mean green all purpose cleaner, orange cleaners for the fraction …yes a fraction of the price.