Getting Movitated at your work

After a few years in the same working environment, we might lose the passion for our job and fall into a routine.  Here are some ways to keep your motivation up!

Do something Out of Your Job scope

When you are stuck in a rut, get out of it!  If you are bored, may be it is time to take on some new challenges.  Tell your boss you would like to expand your jobscope.  If your workload permits, take on projects that you have never handled before.  Ask if a transfer to a different department is possible.  Seek out training for new skill sets.  The key to rekindling passion is to start learning something new because our mind is always hungry for knowledge.

Organise A Social Activity

Get like minded colleagues together and organise something fun.  It can be a team building activity, like hiking trip, or white water rafting.  If there is a fund at the office for such things, see if you can pull together a weekend getaway for everyone.  If you are feeling burnt out, chances are your colleagues may also be feeling it.  This will be a good way for everyone to relax and everyone to do their part for community.  Helping other people always has a cathartic effect; it takes away the focus on you and your problems and helps you channel it for the greater good of all.

Talk To A Mentor

If you have a mentor at work, talk to him.  Ask for a review of your performance.  Tell him your concern at work and ask him for advice.  Tell him you are going through a rough patch, and ask if he could suggest a project to take your mind off it.  If your mentor is outside of work, ask him how he get through rough patches in his career.  Ask if there are new opportunities in the market.

Set Up A Few Interview

Go ahead and set up a few interviews.  They may or may not lead to a career change, but the point is to put yourself out there again.  Talk to a head hunter or a career counsellor.  You can arrange for interviews within your industry, or go for something a little different.  During the interviews, you will be able to get a gauge of what is out there.  This will accomplish two things: you may come across a great offer, or it will make  you see that your current company can offer you the best in term of opportunity and advancement.  Either way, it works out for you.

Take Some Time Off

Perhaps what you truly need is a break from it all.  If you have been working hard for the past year without a decent break, it is time to have some me-time.  Use the leave you have accumulated and go somewhere.  Ideally, you should take more than seven days for the break.  It will be the minimum amount of time you need to recover from the stresses at work and let your body heal.  During this time-off, take time to reflect in what you want out of your career. Are you happy to go in the direction you are in?  Or is it a change you are after.  Some soul-searching will do you wonders.

Take Long Weekends

If you can’t afford to take a big chunk of time off at work, use your leave to take several long weekends off in a row.  Take every Friday off for the next five weeks.  You will be surprised how wonderful a long weekend can be.  Feel the lightness as you turn the computer off every Thursday, knowing that you will have three full days ahead to do whatever you want. You may even be able to squeeze in a weekend gateway with a loved one.  After a stretch of long weekends, you will feel rejuvenated.

Change Your Routine

If you get into the office and do the same things every day, it is time to change things up a little.  Instead if heading to the pantry to make coffee, walk down to the neighbourhood café and have breakfast there.  Instead of making a to-do list for the day, stop for a chat with your colleagues and make plans for lunch first, take out your case files and review them.  Wake up early to go to the gym before you go into the office, instead of heading there after work.  Have a lunch somewhere new every week.  A change of scenery will jog your mind and tell it things are not so mundane.

See What Is New In The Industry

If you are not already doing it, get in the thick of things.  Read up on what is happening in the industry.  Are there new companies doing interesting projects?   What is happening on a global level?  Read online reports and stories to see what is the latest.  Perhaps a new idea can come out of it, and get you excited again.

Read Biographies

Seek out the life stories of successful people you want to emulate.  Successful people are often inspiring, and reading about their trials and successes will no doubt inspire you.  You will see from their stories that the road to success may not be smooth, but determination and drive gets them through.  If that is not inspiring, we don’t know what is.