Getting rid of ants in your house can sometimes be difficult. I will explain how to kill ants and keep them out of your house. Ants can really be in pain, especially in the summer. If you leave food out, that will definitely attract ants.

Things You Will Need

ant baits

Step 1

Find out where they're coming from, or what is attracting the ants in your home. Sometimes there are crumbs of food in the back corner on your counter, or in the cracks of the walls. Or on the floors where it attach these ants. It's important to maintain house cleaning.

Step 2

Buy some ant baits, from raid. Put one near each where the ants are coming from. The ant will go in it, take the bait and bring it back to the nesting and it will kill the other ants.

Step 3

After they're all gone. Clean the entire area where the ants where coming from. Make sure to get the back of the walls if they're coming on the counter, or the back of floors if they're there. Clean it with bleach, or baking soda it's the best way to keep them from coming back. Better yet, consider vinegar, ants hate that. Sometimes using chalk helps. For some reason, ants won't go near chalk.


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