How do you save money if you live on your own?

I am a very thrifty person and I'm always looking at how to save money fast.  I now live alone and it's taken me a while to get into the swing of saving cash as a single person.  Larger households can take advantage of bulk buying offers at the supermarket, where as this might not be an option if you are a one person household.

Cook meals in batches

Make extra portions
Credit: Lisa Reay

Batch cooking often saves you cash on both food and energy costs.  By cooking extra portions when you make your daily meal, you use no more gas or electricity.  You can also take advantage of offers on items such as meat and cook a couple of different meals in one go.  As you can see my freezer is packed!

Always have plastic containers to hand!

Plastic containers
Credit: Lisa Reay

Another great tip is to make sure that you have a good supply of plastic containers.  I picked up all of the ones pictured for £1.  If you have these available you can use them to freeze leftovers, making your food go further. You could also take any leftovers to work for lunch the next day.

Split your food into portions

Bread portions
Credit: Lisa Reay

One way of reducing food waste is to split items into portions when you buy them.  Even with bread, I've found that I'm sometimes not able to eat a loaf quick enough before it goes stale or moldy.  To prevent this happening, I split the loaf into 2 slice portions and put these into freezer bags.  I can then freeze these portions and just remove one when I want some toast.


You can also do this with meat.  It's quite difficult to buy small amounts cheaply, so buy a larger amount and weigh this out into portions.  You can then freeze this in plastic containers or freezer bags.

Saving on utility bills

If it's just you in your household, there are several things that you can do to save energy. 

If you often find that you are only putting small loads of laundry in your washing machine, you can buy colour catcher sheets to put in your wash if you are unable to wait until you have more.  This product allows you to wash both whites and colours together, catching any excess colour in the sheet and stopping your other clothes being dyed.

A great way to keep your costs down is to switch off heating in any rooms that you don't use.  You can also make sure that your heating is set to only be on while you are in the house.

A electricity monitor is a fab way of tracking your energy usage.  It lets you see which items are draining energy and increasing your bills!

If you have more rooms than people in your property, you'll probably find it cheaper to switch to a water meter.  Your water supplier should be able to advise you on how much you may be able to save.  They can also provide free items such as inserts for shower heads to help you save water.