Purchase refurbished goods.

Many companies sell refurbished stock at a greatly reduced price. refurbished stock are products previously purchased and then returned often in an as new condition. The store will make any necessary repairs and cosmetic fixes and then resell the product with a warranty. Apple is one such company that offers refurbished products in its bargain section of its online store.

Shop alone

One of the biggest factors why grocery budgets go over budget is the kids. Kids will often grab things from the shelves to add to the shopping trolley. Whey they are asked to put them back they throw a tantrum or beg for you to buy it for them. Many times these episodes end in the parents giving in so that the kids don't cause embarrassment to them. But this shouldn’t be an option, so to avoid a confrontation, choose to shop alone. You will be able to get the job done quicker and just get the things you need.

Use the washing line

Clothes dryers use an enormous amount of energy and in turn can send your electricity bill skywards. By using your clothes line to dry everything on warm sunny days, you will save enormous amounts of energy. During wet weather you can use racks or clothes lines in your garage. If you have a spare bedroom that is only used a few times a year, then use it to dry clothes on racks.  It may not look nice but who is going to see it.  If it is raining, you will still have a place to dry your clothes.

Clothes line in Venice, Italy
Credit: Jason Merlino

Put on a jumper.

My wife seems to have the biggest collection of jumpers that she seldom uses. She prefers to put on the heater and not put on another layer of warm clothing. But why not just put on another layer of clothing? Put on a nice cosy warm jumper as the temperature starts to fall. It is much cheaper, quicker and more practical to heat up your body than it is to try to heat the air around you.

Look high, look low.

It is not a very well-known fact, but food suppliers to supermarkets pay extra to have their products placed at eye level on the shelves. That is where you'll find the most popular and expensive branded products. This positioning can increase sales by as much as 12% which is why suppliers want their products in this location. If you skip the middle of the shelves (those at eye level), and look up where products are less visible and you look low to knee and ankle height, you are likely to find similar products by less known manufacturers and at reduced prices.

Don't leave the TV on for the noise

It seems that every time I walk into the lounge room the television is switched on, but no one is there.  What a waste of power.  Many people are in this habit because they like the noise. If you are also in this habit, then try to getting out of it. You'll come to enjoy the quiet and the sense of peace and find it easier to relax. Your day will be far less stressful and depending on how many TVs you have on your power bill will drop considerably. If you really feel you need for background sound, try turning the radio on instead and listening to talkback or news stations. A radio consumes far less power than a television.