Work-from-home scams are pretty much everywhere. On lampposts, newspaper ads, online ads, sent through your letterbox and even in your email inbox. Here are some basics on ways to spot a work-from-home scam.

  • Look at the job title. Does it say 'work from home' or 'leave the 9-5 routine'? if it does it is likely to be a scam.
  • You read the whole ad but still don't have an idea what the job actually is.
  • If the ad tells you that you don't need any experience but will earn large sums of cash. Face it that's just wishful thinking; it's never going to happen.
  • If the poster claims to be part of a legitimate work from home company but there is no address or contact info apart from an email id which could be made by anyone.
  • If you get a link to a website the site contains lots of images of money, sandy beaches, cars or anything to do with a luxurious lifestyle.
  • The ad comes to you via email or post. No legit company will look for employees like this.
  • If they ask you to pay any fees. Common excuses are; membership fees, admin fees, processing fees or even to see if you are really interested.

The ad may say that you are only requested for a small fee but remember these scammers are conning a lot of people. Don't let them get away with it. Name and shame them if you need to.