"FreeFromLaces" is a web-based movement with the aim of inviting everyone to reflect and ponder on the "laces" that limit our society as well as our daily life: those ties that stop us and frustrate us and often seem impossible to untie.

FreeFromLaces (25382) The meaning of "FreeFromLaces" is clear: with the word "laces" the movement's founders want to indicate all the personal, mental, virtual, social, cultural and physical constraints or limits into which we bump throughout our life (may they be racism, discrimination, poverty, injustice, stereotypes, unfair rules, prejudice, fears, insecurities, conformism…and so on).

In order to ponder about all these "laces", the FreeFromLaces group is launching through the website www.freefromlaces.com a think tank of ideas: a public brainstorm, open to the widespread participation of the web community.

The purpose is to collect and share ideas, suggestions and proposals that can contribute to loosen at least one of these "laces" and to set the society free from it (or them).

A project or an idea you can't afford to realize on your own can become true thanks to a little help from someone else. This is why FreeFromLaces was born!!

fflwebsiteAs we said, an important role in this effort is played by the web site of the movement. It has been conceived as a meeting point for those who have chosen a positive approach to life.

If you want to participate you have to visit FreeFromLaces' website (www.freefromlaces.com) and submit a video, a photo or a text about the "lace" that you think is the most dangerous one. Or you can as well say what you would like to do in order to untie laces and what you are already doing to erase racism, stereotypes, intolerance, fanaticisms from your life and your world.

All the projects of liberation from ties and limitations that will be uploaded on the website will be discussed and valued by other users and participants and then they will be evaluated by a jury.


And…. What happens next? After all this talking about and discussing…? It won't end up in a soap bubble: one or more of these projects will become true.

Lotto Sport Italia (Italian leader in the production and distribution of footwear, apparel and accessories for football and tennis) promotes and sustains the "FreeFromLaces" movement and will help turning ideas into facts. In facts the Italian company will fund a charity project inspired by the contributions posted by users on the movement's think tank.