I have heard it said that the poor do not have resources, this is not true. Many skilled people have lost their job's, it's not that they are not smart, but that the jobs have gone else where, were the labour force is making less.

We are clever and can find create ways to help each other. For example Oliver's Garden Project in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada started when Oliver was 6 years out and asked his mother why so many people of the neighbourhood went through the trash,  his mother replied not every has enough to eat, let's help he said, they kept taking until  the idea of a back yard garden took shape. To grow and sell the food so the money could go to the food bank and buy what they needed most. Now it's Oliver's family and 5 new families with back yard garden's. As support grows so will it, many more families are now interested in next year.

We also have the Gage Park Community garden that allow those with out yards the chance to have a garden plot, with a community plot growing food for the food banks. Fresh veggies delivered when ready. What if a lot of empty spaces turned into gardens like these to help feed every body in the community, how wonderful that would be.

We the citizen's of the area have come together to make these changes happen. To help one another as we feel the government has let us down.

We have community planning teams that work with the Hamilton Community Foundation, donors give us that investment to support our work, like block champions, block parties, local newspapers, property angels and more. Collect data from the neighbourhood to shape how we can work together to make it better.

When you feel down and out you forget you are a resource. I hand wash laundry, mend clothes, get creative in the kitchen, save money any way we can to make sure our needs are met.  If we get clothes from friends that have passed them along and they don't fit we take them to a food bank or pass along to other friends who could use them, it is simple to do. Run coffee through twice to make it last a little longer, make planned overs for school lunches, reuse the containers to put in sugar, flour even store dry pasta without spending money on small totes. So many things simple things can start to make differences, but that's another article.

I open the door for strangers, say hello, good morning, have a good day because I know that little thing can make a big difference. You are more likely to feel good and do good than if I do not give you a positive energy.

Think of the movie pay it forward, how can you feel good and do good, like soccer, join a team, start a league or coach the children, start a pick up game with your neighbours, feel like you don't have family be come a big sibling with big brothers and sisters, volunteer at nursing homes and visit the seniors who may not get many visitors, visit people in hospital it goes a long way.

Don't just volunteer for the sake of it, find something you enjoy doing. That way you never feel it is a waste of time, and you get something from it as well, being uplifted and renewed to go on.

With the age of Facebook we can post items on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or groups like Recycle Kindness, Helping Hands and all the groups that are for your area that have the same goal, help others in need, keep good items out of the landfill, spread that good feeling, up lift each other.

Try it, you'll see how simple it can be and rewarding. Thank's for reading, Have a nice day.