The Terminator

The Review

In the far future there will be an AI developed called Skynet that will be responsible for the United States weapon systems. This will allow the decision making and moral judgement that come with launching nukes a completely unmanned show. What can possibly go wrong? Oh let's say.... Skynet instantly calculating the threat of humanity against it only about 5 minutes after it's brought online and then started waging a war against it's creators by launching nukes that would leave the human race living in wastelands and scattered for the terminator units to pick them off until John Connor brings the survivors together to fight off the robot invasion. I'd say that was a pretty interesting storyline to make a movie about, unfortunately we only get to hear about that war and see it in small clips. What we get instead is more of a subplot where we follow Sarah Connor around while she's being continuously white knighted by the soldier, Kyle Reese, sent back in time to protect her against a Terminator Unit sent back to kill her and prevent John Connor from ever being born.

This movie is known for being timeless, you can show it to anyone and they will enjoy it, but that doesn't mean that it's without flaws. The movie is designed mostly to be an action detective film, at least for the first half, but it ruins it's own suspense right at the very start of the film where it shows that Kyle is actually from the future, so the entire time that everyone else is calling him crazy, and trying to poke holes in what he believes is about to come to pass, we end up knowing that he's actually right and because of that there's no mystery about it. The second you know that someone is from the future, you're willing to believe anything that they say. It would be much better if you're lead to believe that Kyle is actually crazy and then closer to the end, or even the middle you realize that everything he's been saying this entire time is true. That might just be my humble opinion as a reviewer, but I still think it would be an improvement.

So what you get instead is a movie about two men chasing after a woman, one wanting to kill her and the other to save her. Both being hunted by the cops and both looking to do what they feel, or are programmed to feel, what's best for the future. Now the acting is actually fine, Sarah and Reese put their hearts and sole into it. You could argue that Arnold could put some effort into the role, but then again he's playing a robot, so he's kind of on the number there. The only real errors are actually things written into the script itself. Arnold asking a gun store for a plasma rifle? In 1984? Kind of an odd thing to write in considering he should know there isn't one. They like to throw cyberdyme's name around all over the movie, only actually mentioning the name "Skynet" once and I missed it in two watches.

The overall movie is absolutely something that anybody should see. There's no doubt at all that it was put on into the National Library for a reason, and the reason is that it's a pretty darn good movie. Just about anyone should be willing to give it a chance, even for it's age. Anyone no matter how old, or young, can relate to it.

Final Summary

The Terminator has not aged a day sense it was made, with the exception of the music, maybe, and the outfits, oh god the outfits... But even all of that is forgivable when you take into consideration the plot and production are just top of the line. Only the smallest of mistakes are made in this and all of them can be entirely ignored, or even missed, when watching this film So this will always be an excellent movie to show anyone wanting to view it because it can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with, it doesn't show petty, or remorse and it absolutely will not stop ever until you have watched every second of it over and over again.

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