We fight with seasonal depression

Available antidepressants

The onset of seasonal depression in autumn is no cause for despair.  Rather, it is the perfect time to enjoy some fun. To fight seasonal depression with antidepressants can be natural, which are available for almost everyone. 

Let's see what they recommend to combat seasonal depression, and what they offer available antidepressants.


Perfumers say that the odor can be heated as fur coats.  To get rid of depression, vendors are advised to buy in perfume shops the Eastern, Cyprus and rich floral scents.  For the success of autumn are the classic perfumes of fashion: Shalimar and Samsara by Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Chanel 5 Chanel, Givenchy Organza, Youth Dew Estee Lauder, Angel by Thierry Mugler. 

Choose more concentrated perfume and scented toilet water.

Cosmetics with endorphin

Everybody know that endorphins are the hormones of happiness.  Endorphins - the whole group of chemical compounds, produced in neurons of the brain and is similar in structure for opiates (of course, with positive effects). They give a feeling of happiness, feelings of love, are incentives for creative activity.  Now there are endorphins in cosmetics!  For example, you should try cream Happylogy series of Guerlain, made with a special proendorfinym complex. 

Use cosmetics with the endorphins. 

Natural oils and lip 

And another tip for depression for women.  Buy a new lipstick, that should be rich and nutritious. 
Do not use in the autumn light, transparent, moisturizing lipstick and lip gloss.  The fact is that the basis of lipstick is wax, and shine - gel-like structures, which at low temperatures dry the skin of the lip. 

With the arrival of cold weather go on lipstick with natural oils. 


Surprisingly, red color can to heat in the cold season!  Throughout the world the symbol of "hot" is indicated in red. And not in vain!  Psychologists say that red can induce you to act and full of positive energy. 

Use your style of shades of red. 


Chocolate improves mood. Chocolate has endorphins.  Choose varieties darkest and most valuable of chocolate. 
They contain beneficial for the heart and blood vessels components.  And even the aroma of chocolate units of mental anguish! 

Tip one - eating too much chocolate! 


Massage excellent antidepressant for the body.  It should be done with lots of butter and only pumping movements.  You must pass through the body: from the tip of my toes and up the crown. And no less than two hours!  The massage not only relaxes you, but also improve blood circulation.  A well-executed massage complement the soothing aromas of lavender, lemon balm and sage. 

Try relaxing massages. 


Perhaps you enjoyed a relaxing massage.  Now would be good to have a massage, a base that includes aromatherapy.  He performed with the help of bags of herbs.  Choose yourself the composition of herbs - a relaxing, invigorating or energy.  After that, the bags of herbs should overheat and begin to massage the face and body.  This procedure does not affect the muscles and tissues, but the effect of aromatherapy will be positive. 

Herbs - an excellent tool as a natural antidepressant. 


Simple, but effective way to relieve depression.  The melted wax is applied to hands and then put on special gloves.  Thus, the skin is heated and softens, increases microcirculation of lymph, enable metabolic processes, improves absorption of nutrients, does not evaporate moisture and pH balance of skin moisture.  Highly recommended for paraffin foot fatigue relief, suffer pain, the skin becomes silky.  To ask for a more efficient cabin add to the paraffin herbal extracts, natural oils and vitamins, but for pleasure - perfume fragrances. 

New ways to get rid of depression, which include natural substances.

Seasonal depression