Incredibly, just about everyone had high cholesterol!

They soon found themselves on the Pyramid Diet!

It seemed like everybody had high cholesterol.  This should have alerted somebody’s common sense, enough to do some soul searching.  How did people, who had followed a particular diet for centuries, suddenly prove to have high cholesterol?  Had nature been wrong all along?  How had we survived for centuries, with high cholesterol?

Till then, despite 1970’s fad diets, the vast majority of people still stuck to the traditional diet.  It was the diet that had evolved with us, as we ourselves evolved and expanded our foods over the centuries.  As long as we stayed with the traditional diet we remained slim and healthy.  Not surprising when we consider that this was nature’s own choice.

We should never forget that we are part of nature. We can adapt our hair style, our make-up, our clothes and our activities.  But our body - such as our metabolism and digestive system - Does Not Adapt.  It Evolves.  And Evolution takes centuries, not a few decades.

Those who invented the Pyramid diet claimed it was the first ever, scientifically based health diet.  It had been extensively tested and proved to cure high cholesterol and give us better overall health.  Everyone who tested for high cholesterol, were referred to the new diet, often by their own doctor.

So let’s learn a little more about the pyramid diet and how it developed.  In the late 70’s it seemed like everybody had an idea about a new way to improve on nature.  Most of these ideas never got off the kitchen table, but a few have survived to this day.  One of them was The Pyramid Diet.

It was created by a group of ambitious people, who were keen to develop a niche on the fringe of medicine.  They thought a popular health diet would offer them the credibility and respect they hoped to gain.  They looked closely at our traditional diet.

They examined the structure and decided the best way to create a new diet, one that people could get excited about, would be to completely reverse the old diet.  The pyramid diet and its link to the high cholesterol problem, gave them free publicity.  Soon they became the experts to ask about cholesterol.  They were now able to talk ‘medical talk’.  This further improved their status.  There was no time to conduct boring tests and in any case, these people were not qualified to conduct tests.

Again, not one person asked what this reversal of our diet would do to our body.  After all, it is our body that has the job of breaking down and processing our food.  All WE need to do, it eat it.  Common sense suggests that a reversal of food would have been a big shock to the body.  New indigestible foods would have at least caused some damage.  That damage can be seen all around us today.  Everybody is getting fat!

Unfortunately, people no longer cared.  They now had new foods, and a fixed diet to follow.  They would no longer have to worry about cholesterol and diet. Few people would have given their own body a kind thought. None of them would have expected weight problems.  That only happened to sick people. So why did almost everybody have high cholesterol?

They didn’t, the test results were wrong – in every single case – for close to thirty years.  Only in recent times was the test method corrected.  To this day, we can still find the odd facility that have been reluctant to admit they were wrong and may still use the faulty method.  I won’t explain the nature of the error here.  But you can find out all about it in Google search, by typing in HDL LDL ratio.

The fact is there never was an epidemic of high cholesterol, just an incompetent error with test results.  Instead of  fixing a fake cholesterol and diet epidemic. The pyramid diet laid the foundation for carbohydrate addiction and the obesity epidemic we experience today.