Which Women Give Money Away?

There are many wealth women who find satisfaction in giving away some of their money to the poor.  These women usually also do a lot of charity work and even with their busy schedules, find time to travel the globe finding ways to help others in need.

Although, many wealthy women do give away money for philanthropic purpose, some give money away just for publicity or large tax breaks.  Whatever their reasons for giving money to the poor, the list of wealthy women who donate to charities is substantial.


List of Some Wealthy Women Who Give Money Away To The Poor

1. Rosie O’Donnell:  Rosie is one of the most famous donors in the world. She is a media personality as well as a blogger, editor and a television producer. Her charity organization has already donated $22 million dollars to various charities. She received many awards for her philanthropic activities by supporting nine charity foundations. She established ' Rosie's For All Kids Foundation' for children well-being. Rosie O’Donnell’s supported charities are:

  1. i.        Rosie's For All Kids Foundation
  2. ii.      SixDegrees.org
  3. iii.    St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters
  4. iv.     Rosie's Broadway Kids
  5. v.       Human Rights Campaign
  6. vi.     Gloria Estefan Foundation
  7. vii.   Heifer International

viii. Autism Speaks

  1. ix.     Blue Planet Run Foundation

2. Barbra Streisand:  Barbara is a Golden Globe winner  and multiple Grammy Awards winner who started the Streisand foundation in 1986. Her foundation has donated $16 million dollars to various charities to date.  The areas where she gives the most are environmental issues, women welfare and civil rights. She has been  giving aid for the poor for more than  26 years. She donated 1$ million to the 'William J Clinton foundation' for raising people concern about climate change and gifted $5 million to the Barbra Streisand Women's Cardiovascular Research. Her website :  www.barbrastreisand.com .

3. Shakira: A superstar pop singer from Colombia, her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, popularly known as Shakira. Her 3rd album 'Pies Descalzos' in 1995 and latter she founded ' the Pies Descalzos foundation' together with other international groups and individuals for helping poor children of Columbia by setting up special schools for them. She donated $45 million for the victims of natural disaster. Shakira has performed some benefit concerts such as:

  1. She performed at a "party in the park concert "for rising fund for the Prince's trust.(2002)
  2. She performed at "Divas Live" for "Save the music foundation".(2002)
  3. She performed her hit songs " La turtura" and " whenever, wherever" on the “Live 8 benefit concert” at the palace of Versailles.(2005)
  4. She sang her three hit songs" Underneath Your Clothes", "Inevitable" and "Hips Don't Lie" at the "Clinton Global Initiative".(2007)
  5. Shakira performed in Buenos Aires and Mexico city for "America Latina en Accion Solidaria"charity.(2008)

Shakira visited Bangladesh after "Cyclone sidr" had attacked on the southern part of Bangladesh. She stayed 3 days there and donated a good sum of money as helping people to overcome the disaster.

4. Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez is a mega star of USA as well as of the world. She founded a hospital for the children to reduce children's death rate. She is using her wealth for giving support to those people who are extremely poor. She is working to raise awareness among people about the importance of inoculating against children diseases. She has donated a large amount of money to “Children health fund" after hurricane Katrina had occurred. She is supporting about ten charities like "Amnesty International", "Children's health fund" etc.

5. Marry J Bilge:  Mary J is well known for her soulful lyrics and classic soulful voice . She founded FFAWN for helping women to improve their skills. This charity gives money to women in form of scholarship. She is now working for raise awareness for AIDS. Marry J Blige is supporting 6 welfare foundations such as “American Foundation for AIDS Research”, “FAWN M·A·C AIDS Fund”, “Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City”, “Stand Up To Cancer”, “United Service Organization”.

6. Charlize Theron:  Charlize started “The Charlize Theron African outreach program”. Generally known as “CATOP”. Its aim is to help African people in fulfilling their basic needs. This organization donated 10,000 pairs of shows to the African children. She is also working for women’s rights and animals’ rights. This multimillionaire is committed to work for the people in her whole lifetime. She is working hard to raise fund for the charities. Charlize Theron is supporting 22 charities currently that include “Madison Foundation”, “American Foundation for AIDS Research”, “National Center for Missing and Exploited”, “Food Bank For New York City”.

7. Angelina Jolie: This Oscar winning actress is now working for human welfare. She visited many countries trying to help relieve poverty and educating the illiterate people.  She founded Jolie-Pitt foundation. The aim of this foundation is to annihilate the extreme poorness in rural areas. It is also working for Protecting natural resources and Prevent Environment Pollution. She donated 1$ million to the Doctors without borders which is an organization of International medical humanitarian. She is working for the refugees in 20 countries.

8. Annie Lennox:  Annie is a Grammy award-winning singer working specifically to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. She became famous for her charity works with Green peace, Amnesty International and Nelson Mandela’s 46664. She has made many contributions to the society and mainly pointing on Preventing HIV surveillance In Africa. Annie Lennox has donated her much money and time in developing People awareness about HIV/AIDS in Africa. She is supporting about 34 charities. Such as: Elton John AIDS Foundation , Hear The World, Abe lour Child Care Trust, Charity Projects Entertainment Fund, Feeding America, Women for Women International etc.

9. Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen DeGeneres is an excellent television host. She helped hurricane Katrina victims by donating money through The American Red cross. She is now running a campaign for supporting Feeding America. Around 30 foundations and charities are getting support from her.  These foundations include, Society for Animal Protective Legislation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign etc.

In their own ways, these women share their wealth to alleviate poverty and inhumane conditions in the United States and all over the world.

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