Baby sucking pacifier
Credit: google images

Have you ever seen a child that is over the age of two still sucking on a pacifier?  Well, there are thousands of parents that use pacifiers long into a child’s toddler stage to keep them quieted down or calm.  The problem with doing this is that it makes it that much more difficult for a child to be weaned off of it.

If you have already allowed your child to keep the pacifier past two years of age or if you want to start early weaning your child off of the pacifier; here are a few things that you can do.

  1.  Don’t use it.  There are some parents that have never given their child a pacifier for comfort.  Once they left the hospital they never stuck one into their child’s mouth again.  The kids were rocked or held closely when they needed that little extra and they were okay.
  2. Make The Cut.  If your child will not give up the pacifier by his first birthday and you are determined to stop them from using it, start the process by cutting a small piece off of the top of the pacifier.  That hole will make the pacifier feel different to the child.  Each week continue to cut it down and eventually (in a couple of weeks) your baby will not want it anymore. 
  3. Only At Night.  If you want to make the process a little less traumatizing, only give the pacifier to your child at night.  By giving it to your child for comfort when he is trying to go to sleep will help him to slowly make the transition to life without it.
  4. Substitute.  When your child is fussing, try giving a snack or their favorite toy.  You can even try showing them a little extra attention.  This will lessen the child’s need for his or her little suck buddy.
  5. Vinegar Dip.  Now for you die hard mom’s that are strong enough to do whatever it takes to make that pacifier go away, this is for you.  Take the pacifier and dip it in diluted vinegar (dilute in water only) and the next time that the baby tastes that; they will drop it and that will be the end of that.

For mothers wanting to ensure their child’s happiness it may be difficult to detach your child from the pacifier.  Just know that it’s a rite of passage that all toddlers must endure.  By only using it at night, substituting it for something else, or never using it to begin with; your pacifier days can have a happy ending.