Everyone goes through weaning breastfeeding and believe me, this is one difficult hurdle that all moms must overcome. If is much difficult if you are the only one who wants to wean. But if your baby decides to wean then you are one lucky mom as this will be easier for you. In this article, you will learn:

  1. Signs that your baby is ready to wean
  2. Tips for non-baby-led weaning

This is such a difficult phase especially for the first time mommies so it is only natural to seek help from other experienced mothers. I hope this article can shed you some light on the topic.

Mothers commonly initiate the weaning process. However, baby can lead weaning too. Below are some signs telling you that your baby is ready to move to another nutrition source:

  • Licking lips or chewing when other people are eating
  • Looking at eating people
  • Feeding more often than usual
  • Development of teeth
  • Interest in other foods

Don't worry mommy. You already know that it is a normal phase or a milestone in his life so support your baby. Introduce him to these new nutrition sources called solid foods.

Lucky for the moms whose babies want to stop breastfeeding! But for those who really need to wean but their babies don't allow them to, you can follow the tips below:

  • Think of alternative activities you can do with your baby if you intend to remove a feeding time. You can let him play with other babies or give him snacks. You can also take him to the park for a stroll.
  • Replace one feeding period per week until there are no more feeding times to remove. Slowly do this so that your baby can adjust.
  • Do not push through with this phase if you are changing a nanny. This is a very traumatic time for your baby so wait until he gets used to the new nanny.
  • Let your husband, friend or family member help you in this time. Let them do the new activities with your baby so your baby will not be reminded of feeding.
  • The feeding before bedtime is difficult to eliminate as this is the favorite feeding time of most babies. For this, you can sing your baby to sleep, read bedtime stories, do a little game, or take a half-bath before sleeping.
  • You can change your feeding places so your baby is not reminded of feeding.
  • Be firm but gentle to your baby. Do not offer but do not refuse if your baby wants to feed. You can also limit the feeing time and say that the feeding is enough.

Weaning breastfeeding can be really difficult most especially if you are not the one leading the weaning. If you need more information about this subject, you can get more details from websites that specializes in weaning breastfeeding. You can share this article with other mommies too so they will be confident in weaning. Good luck moms!