It could be that time in you and your child’s life when you’re considering the best way to wean baby from breastfeeding. If this is the case you’re most likely looking for the least upsetting way of weaning baby. It’s wise to take some time and read about other mother’s experiences that they have in their journey to wean baby from breastfeeding.  It’s an experience that can be rewarding and doesn’t have to be as stressful as some may tell you weaning baby can be.

Consider A New Drinking Source When Weaning Baby

When you are no longer choosing to nurse you have come across the time to wean baby from breastfeeding. Some mothers find that this can be a difficult stage for both them and their infant. This is where a little preparation can really work well in helping with a smooth transition for weaning baby. Start by getting them used to another source for drinking. This is best done by using a sippy cup. If you choose to wean baby from breast feeding to a bottle you are missing a perfect opportunity to get them started on a sippy cup.

Consider Which To Feedings To Skip

When heading down the path to wean baby from breastfeeding you will want consider where to start. You’ve thought about an alternative drinking source when weaning baby. But have you considered which breastfeeding sessions are the ones that the best to skip and which ones are best kept in the line up? Babies are most stressed in the morning and night, which means weaning baby from nursing on these feedings will be the most difficult. For this reason it may work best to wean baby from breastfeeding in the late morning through late afternoon. These times the baby won’t feel they need as much comforting so should take to their new feeding habits easily.

Develop A Routine

To wean baby from breastfeeding in the simplest of fashion means it’s important to have a well-established routine. Babies who know that they are going to eat at a certain time remain calmer and weaning baby is best done when they are calm. Get the habit of placing a bib on so they know that indicates feeding time. Go to the same chair to rest in while feeding them. A few small steps to keeping habits can go a long way when you choose to wean baby from breastfeeding. Weaning baby will be much less stressful for your little one if they know what to expect at certain times throughout the day or when mom and dad start doing certain things.

When you try to wean baby from breastfeeding remain patient and be prepared it may take some time. Don’t skip the evening feedings when first headed down the road to weaning baby. This is when a baby is most in need of comfort and least hungry. Have the lights low or where they normally are so that your child is prepared.  Be aware of your little one’s health and schedule when working on weaning baby and you’ll be best rewarded.