A nerd costume (at least the kind that you see in movies and TV shows-like the classic Steve Urkel) will inevitably be hilarious to your friends and family-as well as make you a standout character amongst all the other characters. In addition to the clothing, accessories and mannerisms, there are plenty of other accessories for a nerd outfit. Included in this hodgepodge of nerdy items are: a bowtie, calculator, wig (if you aren't into "greasing-down" your hair!), handkerchief, "gnarly" teeth kits and even fake uni-brows.

Let's not forget about the other essential thing that makes a nerd a nerd-character. A true nerd is usually clumsy, bashful around women (although, given the context, it's likely to attract them!) and somewhat soft-spoken. Something that's a little unrelated to the topic at hand is the word "geeky" in association with nerds. Let's dispel that right here. Geeks are usually far more popular than nerds; they usually dress much less nerdy; typically have more acquaintances and are into the computer/video game scene. That's not to say that geeks are "better" than nerds, or vice-versa, rather, it's a distinction between two fairly different stereotypes. That little tidbit was just a little something for your edification.

Back to the topic: you can find amazing nerd outfits on many popular online venues. They usually sell entire sets of "nerdy" attire and accessories, and it usually beats going from store-to-store trying to find the right items.

If you are going to look for a nerd costume you can buy one in a shop or create one yourself. Creating a nerd costume yourself is not that difficult. You need the following items to create a nerdy look:

  • thick rimmed nerdy glasses with tape
  • a button up shirt, make sure you button the top button and the shirt have a pocket for a pocket protector
  • hair gel, to create the standard nerd look, all hairs to one side
  • pants that are a couple of inches too short
  • suspenders
  • Oxford style shoes
  • almost knee high socks

Good luck dressing up as a nerd and do not forget to play your character when being dressed up as nerd!