A traditional Mexican dress is long and usually made of light cotton or other natural material that breathes easily.

These types of dresses are best worn in the hot parts of summer and are very light and fresh.

If you do not own one, then it is time to get one pronto! These dresses are not only quite fashionable, now and always, but they look great when worn with sandals, boots or even elegant ballet flats.

While it is true that many of them are long in length, now you can find many dresses in shorter lengths to show off those sexy legs in the heat of summer!

Keep in mind that short, hippie Mexican dresses are not just for summer anymore. Do not be afraid to use one in the winter time as well. You just have to get it ready for cold weather is all.

You could wear a short dress or even longer Mexican blouses over a pair of pretty leggings and some cute ankle boots.

You can also get those longer boots out and sport them over some leggings with your dress.
The beauty of the dress is that it is bright and cheery and the whimsical embroidery is a natural pick me up for the winter blues. Who says that only darker colors are appropriate for the winter time?

Add a touch of Mexican flair and fashion to your wardrobe this year. You may come to love the look so much; you will want a fabulous dress in every single color of the rainbow.

If you are having trouble finding one, then you can always search for Mexican inspired dresses which have delicate embroidery on the chest area and even over the sleeves.

While the pretty "Mexican inspired dresses" are not always made in Mexico they are very similar and will do the trick in a pinch.

Oversized dresses can also be cinched at the waist with a leather belt to show off your waist.

This is a good tip to use because most can be a bit boxy in cut and while it is nice to wear it plain, every once in a while you may want to show off that figure.

Get ready to look smashing with your cute new dress. Add some adorable pink heels(or another matching color) and you have a fabulous cocktail dress that will win some complements and kudos for your savvy fashion sense.

Go out and find that inspiring Mexican dress and get ready for a versatile garment that you can wear all year long.