Wearing a Bathing Suit With Big Thighs


  It's summertime!  Or nearly summer, and the images this evokes are fantastic.  Cook outs, baseball games, vacations.  Playing volleyball on the beach.  Going to the park, or the lake, or anywhere with a body of water.   The beach, pool parties, going to the lake to picnic and swim.....those ideas, while idyllic to some, strike fear in those of us with imperfect body types.  And speaking of bodies, that is what I dislike most about summer.  Bodies - my body in particular.  Oh, most of it's okay - slender waist, decent bust - but underneath, well, that's a different story.  Underneath my waist that is.  For I am one of those women who have been blessed with huge thighs.  Enormously big thighs.  The type of thighs that stand out loud and clear when wearing an itsy bitsy bikini or bathing suit.  Each year right before summer I go through the dreaded ritual of wondering how I am going to wear a bathing suit with my big thighs.  What type of bathing suit can I get that will cover up my big thighs?  Unfortunately there are no bathing suits that exactly cover up big thighs.  Unless, of course, I choose one that has one of those long pleated skirts of yesteryear.  But who wants to look outdated when wearing a bathing suit?  Unless you are eighty three years old, of course.  Or really really into the thirties look. 

  So my best bet is to draw attention away from the bottom and get people focused on what's up top.  Luckily I've discovered a few styles that will help draw attention away from those thunder thighs.  This generally means wearing a two piece bathing suit when you are trying not to have attention focused on your big thighs.  You might not have much choice in this matter anyway because more than likely any bathing suit that can fit over your thighs is going to be a bit too big around the waist.  With a two piece bathing suit you can buy a dark bottom that fits, and a top that is guaranteed to say, "Look at me and not her thighs!".  If I could find a one piece bathing suit that fit, was dark on the bottom, and had ruffles and other embellishments up top, that could work in deflecting attention away from my big thighs.  It seems camp is divided on the two piece suit for women with big thighs.  Tankinis can draw attention to a sagging belly.  Skirts on the bottom can still draw attention to big thighs.  Skirts on the bottom can cover up big thighs.  Some say a skirt design can be flattering.  Others say it won't be, and a high cut leg bottom is your best bet.  Most seem to agree that a dark bottom with high cut legs will help slenderize the appearance of big thighs when wearing a bathing suit.  And all seem to agree that a bathing suit top that offers some sort of uplift to the bust area is worth buying as it will definitely draw attention there.  If the top is light colored with lots of detail that is even better.  Which means I could choose something in the two piece realm or a decent one piece bathing suit, as long as it works on my body.

  My best bet is to take all of these suggestions and go out to the mall and try on bathing suits until I find "the one".  The one that most successfully gives the illusion of slender thighs and emphasizes my bust more than my bottom.   At least when I'm in the water no one really sees my thighs.  And when I emerge, I can cover up those thighs with a nice slenderizing sarong or other bathing suit cover up.  If worse comes to worse?  There's always someone with bigger thighs than mine.  I'll just sit next to that person.  In comparison, I'll be the one with the slender thighs!