I know that the title may sound a bit unconventional or even weird, but weather insurance is completely normal nowadays. Originally, the group of people connected to this type of product were farmers trying to protect their crops. However, varying weather can cause a lot of trouble — not to mention loss of invested money to many people managing various outdoor events.

Rain IIThe usual target of such policies is rain. The two types of weather insurance you can choose from are for rain accumulation and dry hours, also known as rain-free hours. The former option covers the insured in case of rainfall within a certain period of time. The client just needs to determine how much rain would still be acceptable for the event and how much would ruin it. The option latter is based on the amount of dry hours in a pre-determined period of time. So if you need eight hours out of fourteen to be without rain and it rains for seven hours, you're covered.

Your activities can be insured against snow too — either determine the number of inches per session or per storm. Snow removal insurance is a special version of snow policies, which is targeted at municipalities and public organizations to cover any extra costs connected with snow.

Even events like hot air ballooning shows may be insured. In such cases it's wind insurance that's required, and it protects from loss of revenue caused by unwelcome wind conditions. Or suppose you're planning an ice cream promotional event. There's a solution here too when it comes to weather insurance: temperature insurance to secure your investment in case the weather is not exactly ideal.

For any event, different weather policies can be combined to suit your needs. Typical customers are film producers (a number of insurance companies even tailor special policies for them). Weather insurance is a great choice for managers of various outdoor sports events, concerts, festivals, and sales promotions too.

Seychelles - Mahe - Petite AnseFor those of us whose businesses are not directly influenced by the weather, weather insurance can be especially helpful during holidays. As a life insurance broker, I don't deal only with life insurance policies; I'm also interested in other types of insurance, so for me it's easier to watch new trends and options. A relatively new product offered by French travel agencies is very popular with customers from around the world. The agencies promise financial reimbursements to a certain extent when you encounter more cold days than expected during your holiday. Sunshine insurance, provided by the German airline Lufthansa, is also interesting. Passengers flying from Germany can purchase the policy for €25 ($32.34). In case of rainy days, which are defined as “rainfall of at least 10mm per square metre,” the insured will be reimbursed €25 for each day of rain.