Most gardens are a source of treasure, however modest it might be. As we turn the soil, broken and weathered pieces of china and glass are uncovered and, if they are saved, they can be used to make decorative mosaics for the outdoor room. Pieces of weathered green glass set in tile cement are used to make these pretty hearts, which are molded in cookie cutters.

Things You Will Need

heart -shaped cookie cutter, petroleum jelly, green garden wire, scissors, thick cardboard, ready-mixed tile cement, bowl of water and weathered pieces of glass or china

Step 1

Coat the cookie cutter with petroleum jelly to make removing the finished mosaic easier.

Step 2

Cut a short length of wire and make it into a loop. Position the loop at the top of the heart with the end of the wire up inside the mold.

Step 3

Place the mold on the cardboard and half fill with tile cement. Smooth the surface of the cement with wet fingers.

Step 4

Arrange the pieces of glass or china on the surface of the cement. If a piece needs to be repositioned, wash it under the tap to clean it before reusing.

Step 5

Let the mosaic dry for 24 hours or until it feels solid to the touch. Gently remove it from the mold. There is a real sense of satisfaction to be gained from turning a previous gardener's discarded rubbish into something attractive. You can hang these beautiful mosaic hearts on a wall or fence, or simply set them within a rock garden.

Tips & Warnings