Electrical usage has become much safer over the years as the developments in design become effective and the standard rules and regulations are tightened up so that there is far less danger than there used to be. There are still some problems with electrical accidents and people do still get hurt from time to time. Often this is because the rules and regulations have not been applied either due to ignorance or a misunderstanding of the rules. The quality of the electrical engineer has certainly improved over the years as a result of extra training and also as there is a long paper trail for every electrical installation made which makes checking on problems a lot easier.

One area that is sometimes not protected well enough is the garden or areas where weatherproofing may be required. The introduction of a vast array of gadgets and lighting for usage in an outside environment has increased the requirement for power outlets in exposed regions and these outlets require protection to stop child or other unwanted access and also protection against the British weather. There are many products on the market but most of them are fairly simple. The introduction of RCD’s (Residual Current Device) should be standard on all outside and damp applications as this provides the fall back situation as the circuit will cut off immediately there is any earth leakage but nobody wants to solely rely on a fall back situation.

The range of weatherproof products is basically to protect the electrical fitments from rain and wind and are designed so that they can be fitted almost anywhere and will allow an electrical connection no matter what the weather. There is a complete range of electrical boxes which contain a standard socket with the cables used that are weather resistant and with all the cables entrances fitted with watertight seals. The power outlet plug must be fully protected in the same way and the outlet power cable should also be sealed in order to complete the integrity of the electrical circuit. There is a fitment for any type of electrical power distribution and it is a case of finding the correct one for the application. There is still one area of concern and that is where the box is watertight when not used but the socket becomes exposed when used, generally there is a degree of water protection but it is not absolute and no equipment should be used in this case when rain occurs and the unit needs replacing with a fully weatherproofed system.