As a parent of a young child and an owner of a BOB stroller there is nothing I could emphasize more than my conflicting love for taking my son out into the world every day on a good walk and my disdain for dealing with the elements. Unless it is raning heavily we always go out but even the best days are not always kind; the sun is sometimes too bight for my baby.

BOB strollers are well known for their extreme high quality. Look at any review of the strollers and you will see that despite their relatively high price range parents love these strollers to no end. You are actually hard-pressed to find a review or a parent that doesn’t love the BOB stroller they have purchased.

This no doubt has to do with the construction of the strollers, their comfort, and their ease of use but it also has to do with the quality accessories available to BOB stroller owners.

I highlighted in a separate article my favorite handlebar accessories for the BOB strollers and in this article I wanted to discuss the weathershields. There are many different types of weather shields for BOB strollers, many are made by third parties, but because of the popularity of the BOB brand the weather guards are all pretty good too.

Before we list off some of my favorite stroller shields the main question I get dealing with people buying new strollers is whether these stroller weathershields are worth buying in the first place.

Why You Should Buy A Stroller Weather Guard/Shield

I believe wholeheartedly that a good weather guard for your BOB stroller is worth it because of a few reasons. Walks are good for you and your baby and when the weather gets a little drizzly or cold a weather guard will keep you heading out for your daily walks more often than not. Nobody wants to take their baby or small child out into the rain or cold so owning a good weatherguard will give you more days in which you can take your stroller out without fear of your child getting sick.

On the flip side of the coin sometimes it’s so bright and sunny that you may not want to take your daily walk because you don’t want your child getting so much direct sun. Sunscreen is incredibly annoying to apply to a small child and the hassle is sometimes a hindrance in getting out the door. If your stroller has a sun shade then this isn’t as big of a deal.

Lastly, and this doesn’t apply to me as much, weather guards help with bug control. For those areas of the country where mosquitoes are plentiful just about any weather guard will help significantly with protecting your child from bugs that can bother him or her. Some children never have problems with bugs but others get eaten alive. If your child is a tempting feast for the mosquitoes then you need a bug guard otherwise you are never going to want to use your BOB jogger for hitting the trails.

BOB Stroller Weather Shields I Recommend

As I noted earlier there are plenty of stroller shields on the market but I have only used a few of them. The one’s I have used and trust I am mentioning below as my top recommendations.

The Official BOB Stroller Weather Shield is the best all around for protecting against rain, wind, and cold. It is probably a bit more pricy than some third party versions but I think it’s worth buying anyway. It’s basically a nylon shell that wraps around the single strollers (double stroller shields are also sold) and has a clear plastic front that is completely water proof so that your baby or child can see. It’s suggested retail price is in the mid-$50’s but it can routinely be found for a slight discount on Amazon or on sale from time to time in local stores.

Aside from the weather shield I particularly love the sun shield also by BOB. The BOB stroller sun shade is a simple mesh material that covers the stroller much like the weather shield. The shade however lets air and moisture in but blocks a lot of the sun’s UV rays and makes it so your baby doesn’t have to keep his or her eyes closed at all time. I find this shield very useful for long days on the go such as trips to the beach, amusement parks, or long trail hikes where you will be walking for a few hours.

Lastly there are some specialty weather shields for cold weather which are good but less likely to be needed. I haven’t personally used them and can’t imagine taking my baby out for a long walk in the cold but for some people this may be useful. I could see using the warm and fuzzy seat lining for added warmth but an entire insulation cover seems a bit much for my tastes.