What is WebAnswers

Webanswers is a site that offers a good online income courtesy of Google Ad Sense, mainly by answering questions. However, you can also earn by asking a question and by their referral system. One of their most known counterparts is Yahooanswers (other would be Mahalo and Mylot, both allow you to earn by answering questions much like Webanswers). If you are just starting out in Webanswer, it might be of help to read this first.

What You Should Not Do:

1. Copy and pasting group of words from any site on the web and posting it as an answer in a question – The reason is simple if you copy a certain answer, for example, from Wikipedia, search engines would know it is a duplicated content. Of course if it is duplicated it would rank less than the original one. That would mean fewer page impressions that would result to less Ad Sense revenue. And I bet you know that Google punishes duplicated content, if your answer is simply a copy of certain paragraph already existing in the web, even if it is awarded it may end up not being indexed by Google and other search engines. Furthermore, you might get ban in Webanswers in doing so.
2. Posting answers with an incorrect grammar and misspelled word – Webanswers tells about quality score which everyone has. The quality score also determines how much you could earn through Ad Sense. In my opinion, the quality score is important if you answer a question and the one who asked does not award it. Your own Ad Sense impression in the un-awarded answer depends on your quality score. They mentioned about their advanced quality score algorithm that rotate ads of those who answered the question. The higher the quality score you have the more frequent your ad will be shown on that question and throughout the site.
 3. Multiple posting of the same answer – Once you repeat your answer, it would look like a duplicated content (no matter how you argue), even if you duplicate your own answer. So one advice is trying to rewrite your answer and add more details to it. Don’t just copy-paste your own answer. That I think is one of the problems in Webanswer, there are some questions being asked over and over again. I think it is a good idea if the asker would be referred to a certain answer (directed to an awarded answer is good one), that is related to his/her question. If he or she is not satisfied with the answer then he/she would be allowed to post his or her question.
4. Question and Answer that is either impolite or inappropriate – Swearing, insulting and disrespectful languages are not allowed in any answer posted. Furthermore, any answer that is not intended to answer the certain question posted is prohibited and would be considered inappropriate or a spam.
5. Posting a certain link that would benefit the one who posted it – You are not allowed to post a referral link. People sometimes take advantage when they mention some online writing sites they tend to show their referrals that in turn would benefit them. The Administrator of Webanswer was clear to state that any link that could benefit the answerer is not allowed. For example, if someone asked about ultimate protection tips against computer viruses, I can answer him or her briefly and give him/her few points. However, I cannot post the link of my article on how to avoid computer viruses, since that would give me some incentives or would only benefit me that of which would be straying from the goal of Webanswers.

What You Can Do:

It is pretty impossible for you to answer every question posted in the site. If you can do that, you have a greater chance to have higher income compared to others. The owner suggests answering only those questions that are within the scope of your expertise. However, answering something outside of your box is not wrong as long as it is accurate and not copy-pasted. Some of the users there take advantage of the traffic referral system. Many, creates blogs and post links of interesting questions in WebAnswers even if they are not the one that is awarded in the question, or they did not post any reply to it. They often have a brief introduction of the question followed by the link. So if you are tired of answering questions, you can just try linking, since you will earn 20% of that traffic as long as you use your own tracking token.

Improving Your Quality Score (QS):

To be able to earn more one must improve his or her quality score. First, to have a high quality score all of your given answers must be of (almost) perfect grammar and correct spellings. Failing to do so would hurt or lower your quality score. Your quality score would affect your earnings, the owner of the site said that the higher your quality score the higher your earnings would be. These can be fully demonstrated on un-awarded questions. Where the one with the highest quality score has the greater chance of earning since his/her ads would be shown more often compared to those who answered the question with a lower QS. Try editing and improving your past answers, since it would help improve your QS the next time they check.