Creating residual income can be a difficult task. However, it isn't impossible and there are many outlets that can be used to begin on this journey. Most often the sites that people wish to discuss when beginning on this journey are sites such as Suite101, EHow, and InfoBarrel. I'm here to discuss a site that is a bit different from what many of you may be used to. You do not have to give an application, nor does what you write have to be approved by an editor. This site is WebAnswers, where people ask questions, and others share their knowledge.

Money is made by answering questions, and once a best answer has been provided the author of the question will award that person. Oftentimes, questions will never be awarded so the Adsense revenue will be shared between all the people who answered the question. WebAnswers uses an algorithm to create a quality score, and the person with the highest will receive more of the revenue.

The algorithm isn't shared with the users of the website. However, if you use proper grammar and answer questions fully then your quality score will not suffer. I've been with them for four months now, and have done very well even though I often do not put much effort in there. I've answered roughly 300 questions now, and have about 75 awarded answers. I make roughly $50 to $60 a month with them, and I have yet to answer 10 questions with them in the month of June.

While you won't get rich using WebAsnwers it is a great way to supplement your other residual income that you generate. I find that this is a great site to use if you spend a lot of time writing articles. While it still involves writing, it allows you to break away from doing the same thing all the time. WebAnswers allows you to share your in depth knowledge with other people in a more personal form.

This site also allows you to not have all of your eggs in one basket. This diversification allows you to work through the ebb and flow of the internet a little more smoothly. When one source of income is struggling, another is more likely to step up and counter this struggle. Having everything invested in one venue will cause more stress as the peaks and valleys will be more noticeable.