WebAnswers Review - Summary

Webanswers.com is great for beginners to "making money online". All you need is an Adsense account and you can start seeing impressions, clicks and money within a day. It is not a get rich quick scheme and, as you will see from my earnings, it will certainly not offer a living wage. If you can write with a reasonable level of grammar and you can spare 30 to 45 minutes per day you will make some money nearly every day.

Answering questions is fun and you can just answer a question or two when you have a spare few minutes. The best thing about it is that you can get almost instant results. When you are starting out on your making money online adventure it's great to see some earnings. Seeing impressions and clicks is super motivating!

My only negative about WebAnswers is that earnings are partly determined by your "Quality Score" (see "How it Works- Open Questions" below). WebAnswers.com do not reveal your "Quality Score" or the exact method to calculate it.

WebAnswers Earnings

Since I joined on February 12th and up to and including May 12th I've made £20.86 (at $1.60/£1 = $33.38). Not spectacular, but not bad considering how little time I've spent on it. On average I answer 3 questions per day and ask one question, this takes about 30 to 45 minutes. I started earning the day after I joined. I started a blog to record my experience and my WebAnswers earnings.

WebAnswers.Com - How it works

Webanswers.com is a question and answer site with Google Adsense sharing. Registration is straightforward, only name, country of residence, an e-mail address and a username are required. As soon as you register, you can start asking and answering questions. When you have answered 10 questions you can enter your Google Adsense account details and you will start getting impressions and hopefully clicks. It was less than 24 hours before I got my first click.

Once you have registered there are three ways to earn:

1) Awarded answers

If the person asking a question decides that your answer is the best, then he or she can award your answer. From that point, and forever, Google Adsense impressions for that question are split 60% for you and 40% for WebAnswers.com owners.

2) Open Questions

Many questions are not awarded. This could be because the person asking a question, for whatever reason, chooses not to make an award. In addition at any time the majority of recent questions will not be awarded. WebAnswers spreads views to these questions among all the members based on a “Quality Score”. This is the least straightforward part of WebAnswers so I'll quote direct from the WebAnswers website:-

"We use our advanced quality score algorithm to rotate ads of those who answered the question. The higher your quality score the more times your ad will be shown on that question and throughout the site......In addition, we also display ads throughout this site on your behalf."

This means that WebAnswers reward members that provide quality answers with more Google Adsense views, impressions and clicks. For guidance on how to improve your 'Quality Score", see "How to Maximize WebAnswer Earnings" below.

3) Referral Program

You can get a referral code from the Webanswers website. If people sign up to Webanswers via your code you will be awarded an extra 10% of their earnings. This does not adversely impact the earnings of the person who signed up through your referral, instead WebAnswers usual cut of 40% is reduced to 30% to give the referer his or her 10%.

Referrals are a good extra opportunity. It's totally free to join WebAnswers and the vast majority of people will be able to earn a little money. This means that as long as you explain that you will not get rich or even make a significant amount of money, then you can recommend Webanswers and refer your friends and family with a clear conscience. It's certainly more rewarding and stimulating than watching quiz shows or playing Bejeweled!

How to Maximize Webanswers Earnings

1) Follow WebAnswers.com guidance on how to Improve your "Quality Score" (see "Open Questions" above). Their criteria include:

  • Detailed, accurate answers that address the question. Some people have suggested that you target at least 10 sentences.

  • Correct spelling with good use of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

  • Original content. You will be heavily marked down for copying and pasting and persistent offenders will have their accounts suspended.

In addition, if your answers are flagged by other users your quality score will be marked down.

2) Be active. Although you will earn from your awarded answers (and this is passive income), the majority of earnings seem to come from the open questions. Views and clicks seem to be determined by your Quality Score and your level of recent activity. I believe there is a direct correlation between activity and earnings.

WebAnswers seem to reward you for answering and asking questions every day. This seems onerous but its easy to answer questions. Just keep WebAnswers open for when you have a quiet 5 to 10 minutes. Typical answers are not very long and do not have dazzling prose. All you need to supply is a reasonably detailed answer with good conversational English.

3. Pick commercial subjects. You are much more likely to be rewarded for answers about subjects such as Health, Finance, Legal matters and products than for subjects such as philosophy.

4. Use your knowledge. Concentrate on the areas where you have knowledge and/or experience. You will be able to write more quickly and you are more likely to be awarded.

5. Links. Target straightforward backlinks for your awarded answers. Promote them using social bookmarks, Twitter and Facebook.

Now you have the inside track from a veteran of 3 months! Remember it's free and it only takes 5 minutes to register.