In the beginning there was Geocities. Yup, there were also guest books and visitor counters. Remeber those really charming GIFs? Oh yeah, don't even start me on horizontally scrolling marques. HTML code, if you know any, actually had a tag for that fine piece of eye candy.


Ah yes, how we've grow. The first signs of growing pains was social media. In its infancy it was a strange concept. Friendster...remember that. It was one of the first kids on the block for this genre of website. Dynamically created user groups. Blogs. Social Media. Social Networking. Boom! Myspace took the stage front and center...for now.

And what about videos?! We all have to be entertained. Enter: Youtube. Wait a second- Enter:Youtube owned by Google. Ok, thats fine I guess. Videos instantly downloaded to your browser for your viewing pleasure. This gave us all those fine moments in film such as Numa Numa, Charlie-bit-my-Finger-kid, and most recently the Trololo guy. We can't forget Albinoblacksheep and the LOL cats empire. The comedy abounds. Wordpress, blogs, i-can-write-better-and-have-a-cooler-layout-than-thou. These are fun. Vlogs! Twitter. You are alive now, so you know what I mean.

What about the future though? We all scratch our heads wondering what wonderful things will the developers think of? What new stuff will be whizzing around the proverbial corner so fast that it makes us tweet our last twit? Some people say that it will usher in a new level of professionalism. The blog-sphere and social media will be overrun by corporations that seek to use it as a huge market, like a custom tailored Wal-Mart for each and everyone of us. How cool would that be? …. Other prophets of the Intertubes suggest that the Web 3.0 will be a time or revival, the return of the expert. As professionals from the industry return with a vengeance to reclaim the internet from hideous flash animations, article spammers, and homemade videos. The real internet mystics whisper of a new beginning. A secret a quiet revolution that is set to over take us all. The Omni-Web. 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G. Look around. Phones, Cars, Printers, my dog (not really). Everything is getting connected. The Omni-Web will be everything and everywhere. Information literally will become our lives.

For the time being I still enjoy the simple pleasures of Wikipedia and the occasional bought of flash SuperMario. The web is nice as it is right now. I am a bit leery of what is to come, the whole the-web-is-everywhere thing has got to win me over still. I guess change comes hard to some. Who really knows? Whatever it is it should be interesting.