The desire to earn a lot of money from home while sitting in your underwear at home is a common one. You know that many people are making a lot of money working from home and never have to answer to a boss. Here are just a few of the ways that you too could join the ranks of those home workers.

Affiliate Programs
One of the most popular ways pf earning money online is by the use of affiliate programs. With an affiliate program you basically advertise online by using text links and or banners to drive traffic to the sponsor's web site. If somebody purchases the product that you make some money. Affiliate programs can pay you either a percentage of the products cost or a flat fee.

There are an extremely large number of affiliate programs on the internet. Regardless of what niche you are looking for you can find an affiliate program to meet your needs.

You can promote a wide variety of products on the internet including online casinos, books, EBooks, websites, telemarketing robo-dialers, and almost anything else you can think of.

Writing Web Content
You can write articles online and earn money. You can make up front money using websites such as TextBroker, Examiner, and Demand Studios. If you want to build up your residual income then you can use websites such as InfoBarrel. If you actively write and publish a lot of articles you can build up a very lucrative stream of residual income using InfoBarrel.

Another huge benefit of writing for a website such as InfoBarrel is you can also use some of your articles to link to your affiliate programs. You then earn money off of the articles you write as well as any affiliate sales you generate.

You can make a lot of money blogging but it will take a lot of hard work. Instead of a generic random blog you will need to decide on a niche. If you have a narrowly focused niche and write blog posts on a regular basis then you can make some good money each month as long as you stay at it.

If you like to write about different items such as say housekeeping and automobiles then you can keep two different blogs. One blog would be dedicated to housekeeping and the other could be about automobiles. Some bloggers have a large cross section of various niche blogs they write for. This is one way to keep yourself very busy but it can also drastically increase your monthly earnings if you monetize your blogs with Google Adsense.

Other Methods
There are many other methods of making money online. You could get paid to post on a forum, online based Multi Level marketing, or a membership based site where members pay a monthly or annual fee to gain access.

Regardless of which method you choose to make money online you need to stay motivated and dedicated to the task at hand. If you treat your online money making method as a hobby then you will only generate a small income. If you treat it like a serious business and remain dedicated then you could make some large sums of money after a few years or even less.