Commercial property management software can help people to manage commercial and industrial real estate. It can be part of a company's management system that integrates accounting software, CRM software, tax software, etc. No matter what type of property you manage, or how large or small it is, there is software available to you that will allow you to keep up with the various details of your business.

Any commercial property management software should be able to handle the following tasks: accounting functions like tracking rent and late fees, bill pay, and categorizing property account information for taxes and insurance; organizational tools for sorting the personal or historical information of the tenants according to the preferences of the user; tools to file income and expenses by tenant, suite, building or portfolio; tracking systems for work orders and contract histories; form creation templates for rental and lease agreements, notices and letters; and the generation all types of reports like accounting, cash flow, expenses, work orders, leases, vacancies, rent rolls, invoices and financial overviews.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Property Management Software

  1. Choose a program that is easy to use

  2. The software must be secure.

  3. The software must be tailored to your unique needs

Best Free Commercial Property Management Software Reviews

There are a few kinds of commercial and residential real estate property management freeware available for download in Internet. Below are 2 software programs that I would recommend:

  • MRI Commercial Property Management Software enables users to maximize profitability on their real estate investments. It provides database that assures real-time access to financial information, management tools and data that help users understand the financial impact of their decisions, and financial software that helps users forecast business direction with less risk.

  • Open PropertyManager is a free online web-based landlord property management service. It provides financial tools that help users create tenancy agreements and other landlord documents such as bespoke inventory forms, record expenses, calculate cash flow and tax liability of landlords, track rental data, manages tasks, logs expenses, contacts and utilities, and generates reminders.

Free property management software could be fully-featured but might have properties or tenants limitations. You should consider the limitations before choosing the right one for your needs.