As a web designer, it's your job to give your website visitors the best browsing experience possible. A website should be visually appealing, be easy to navigate, and be informational.

In order to provide the optimal experience for you users, you need to avoid using the following elements in your design.

Flash Navigation
Buttons and menus created with Adobe Flash typically look and work very well - most of the time. But Flash isn't perfect, and not all users have Flash available.

A website that uses Flash navigation would be useless when visited on one of Apple's iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as users of these devices do not have the Flash player available to them. This is true on any Internet device or browser that does not support the Flash Player.

In addition, many users have Flash turned off in their browsers to avoid security problems. With this in mind, it would be wise to stick with text and image links. If you need animation and interactivity, use a scripting language like JavaScript or JQuery.

Background Music
Unless your site revolves around music, you should make a serious effort to avoid background music - or music that automatically plays when a page loads.

The background audio may sound great to you, but when a visitor isn't expecting to hear the background music, he will either hit the back button immediately or mute it.

Let's also consider that dial-up users will have to wait longer than normal to load your site.

Don't put your visitors through that.

Extremely Small/Large Fonts
In an effort to make your site readable, avoid using fonts that are unusually large or abnormally small. Fonts that are too small are difficult to read. Fonts that are too large create the need for excessive scrolling. If a visitor needs a different font size, he can change it via his browser.

Typically, popup windows are used to display advertisements or "important" messages to the visitor. Unfortunately, few things are as annoying as popups. Popups interfere with the user's experience by getting between the user and your site.

Popup windows have been given such a bad name in the Internet community that many browsers have functions to block them. For this reason you should not rely on popups for the functionality of your site.

In short, popup windows are frustrating to most users and are considered bad Internet etiquette.

Remember, it is your job to ensure that your visitor has a pleasant browsing experience and that your site does what it needs to do. If you fail this task, you will push visitors away - something you certainly don't want to do.