Web Hosting Affiliates

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Every website out there requires web hosting, and there are tons of companies out there competing for your business. Did you know that they will pay you to refer clients? This is known as affiliate marketing, and web hosting companies are offering affiliate marketing programs to anyone who is interested. 

Here's how it works: you choose from one of the web hosting affiliates out there. You sign up as an affiliate marketer for them (it's free!). You are then given a few links, icons and banner ads that you place wherever you like. Whenever someone clicks on those links, and then signs up for a web hosting account, you get paid!

Affiliate Marketing

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Ok, so now you've chosen your web hosting affiliates, and you're an official affiliate marketer. What now?

It's entirely up to you how or where you place your links. If you have a popular website, you can place one of the icons or banner ads anywhere you want on your page! If you run an email marketing program, you can place your link in your signature, or somewhere in the body of the emails themselves. 

You can even place it in your infobarrel article! This is one of my affiliate links : Hostmonster. If you click on this, and sign up for web hosting from Hostmonster, I receive a commission! If you click on the link, you'll notice that it looks normal. The clicker has no idea that by signing up, they're earning you money.

Note: you'll want to be a bit more subtle about your affiliate marketing than I was. This kind of blatant placement tends to turn people off!

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Ok, so which web hosting affiliates offer the best bang for your buck? Some companies offer excellent compensation, but I think it's better karma-wise to set people up with an excellent host.

Here are a couple of web hosting affiliate reviews. Hopefully they will help inform your choice!

Hostmonster and Bluehost

Hostmonster and Bluehost are excellent choices. They are separate web hosting services, but owned by the same parent company, so they are essentially the same service. 

Both companies currently offer (as of June 28th, 2011) a very competitive commission of $65 per affiliate referral. So each time your link leads to a signup, you'll receive $65. The company is very reputable and payment is prompt. You need to wait until you've received at least $100 worth of referrals before they cut you a check. 

I'm a big fan of Hostmonster, their customer service is top notch, and the hosting is unlimited and includes unlimited email addresses. (For a web designer like myself, that's pretty essential). 


iPages is a company that's been around since 1998. They offer an extremely high commission for referrals, at $105 per signup. They seem to be a large and growing company with good customer service.

iPages is actually only 3 years old. The original iPages disintegrated around the time the dot com bubble burst, and was recently relaunched. As a fairly young company, iPages will struggle with proving their reliability, but I've heard nothing but positive reviews so far, and the affiliate compensation is unbelievable.


Hostgator is another well known, established American company. The compensation for affiliate sales is pretty high, but they offer variable payment depending on how many clients you sign up per month. 

You can make as little as $50 per affiliate signup, or as much as $125 per, depending on how many referrals per month you make. This means that an extremely efficient marketer could be making a lot if you have 20+ sales per month. 

Hostgator is very established, and doles out over $1 million in affiliate commissions per month! If you're just signing up a client here or there, you'll probably make more with someone else, but if you can achieve high volume, Hostgator might be the web hosting affiliate for you.