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Here we will touch base on how to do a web hosting comparison and what issues should not be overlooked and what issues can be most crucial in the comparison process. Below you will find some points that can if overlooked adversely affect a lot more than your site, they will or may affect your traffic, return traffic, sales, customer experience, ease of use and much more.

In the course of your web hosting comparison you have to look at Tech support and to what extent it is offered through each host service. Should your site experience minor technical issues, crash or should you just have a tech based question for your hosting company you need to know that you have adequate access to support whether via phone or the web, when you need it.

Customer support for questions, billing or other general concerns are another thing to factor in when doing a web host comparison. Many hosting companies offer 24/7 web or phone support which is a great feature as you never know when a question or concern may arise, but you do know you do not want to wait through a weekend to get it answered.

Software, site features and other comparison factors you will want to take into consideration as well when doing a web hosting comparison. A good web host comparison will bring to light and include hosts specifications of software, hardware and backup solutions. Since individual needs vary this will be something everyone will have to look at individually in their comparison and find what specific needs they require for full functionality in a service.

It may suit you to also look into whether or not your web or domain name is actually fully yours and is freely transferable (this step is often overlooked when doing a web hosting comparison). How upsetting would it be to sign up with a hosted services and then come to a point when they don't fit your needs and ta-da you can't transfer your domain.

Consider traffic factors in your web hosting comparison- You want to not only look at ways in which the host can help to build traffic to your site or their reputation but also to how well traffic will be handled through your host provider.
Reliability & Uptime is probably one of the most important aspects to look at when doing a web hosting comparison. Your provider can offer the best support and features but if your site is constantly down or experiencing difficulties your site will suffer.

A good company will also provide their up time vs. downtime stats somewhere online or verbally through their customer service. And they should have a good track record of being fast at getting things back up and running when and if they ever go down for any reason.

Website bandwidth and space is another factor to consider when performing a web hosting comparison. Now, many sites are known to offer unlimited space when offering to host your site. This sometimes is a red flag as the reality of it is pretty far fetched and so you must therefore consider how much space you really need in actuality. So it may benefit you to take the time to look at and over companies offering a set amount that stands above your anticipated or expected number.

Price for many customers can be a decision making factor in a web hosting comparison. You will find in your search that there can be an extreme difference in cost and really the only way to evaluate and make the best choice is to compare all of these steps found within this article, plus any additional necessities that fit your needs and find something that comes the closest to your affordable price range.

User-friendliness should be a top 5 factor at all times when doing your web hosting comparison. When you receive a visitor to your site even with the best information, most well put together site, top of the line service or product - if your site lacks ease of use chances of repeat visits or lengthy first time visits are drastically limited. You can't always judge a book by its cover – or in this case a website.

User friendliness is not just needed for potential visitors but you should go for the user as well. A control panel feature should always be provided and easy to understand and use for optimum performance.
Quality overall should be your deciding factor in a web hosting comparison. Quality of service, support, functionality, reliability, service and cost need to also be considered. The company offering the best overall solution in your comparison is the company you should choose.

Taking the time to do a thorough web hosting comparison can save you a lot of time, headaches and money and seeing how a comparison won't cost you a penny then why not do it?

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