Making A Website - Where To Begin

The process of creating your own website, either personal or for something like a small home business, can be quite daunting. Not knowing exactly where to begin or what software to use is common. There are great programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. but they can be quite expensive and hard to use for those just getting started. When I was looking for a way to create a site for my band I wanted software that didn't require a large knowledge of html,  css, or any technical coding. I wanted to be able to design a simple and effective site with my focus being on the look and function, not on the coding. After searching and trialing a number of products, I came across Web Page Maker. It surprisingly doesn't have a very fancy website, or seem to be advertised too much, but what is does do really well is give you an easy to use program to create your own website. The best part though would have to be it's price - at only $49 (usd). It also offers a fully functional 15 day free trial, so you can test it out and then buy it if you like it.

An Overview of Web Page Maker

The program comes with some templates to get you started on your design process, or you can create your own layout from scratch. I chose to build my website from the ground up and found it very easy to navigate through the software menu's. Everything you need is pretty easy to find and after spending some time experimenting with the software and reading through the help files you should feel quite confident in using it. It has many simple and well executed features like : the ability to add flash photo/video, add html boxes to embed things like youtube videos, add a paypal button, create your own slideshows, add background music to your pages, etc. When you look deeper it also has great features for smaller details like being able to customise how your links to other sites look, etc. 

Working within the software is really comfortable once you have taken the time to learn it's functions. It is more limited than much more expensive options, but I find it can produce really quality results with the proper design steps. I like to use GIMP  (which is a free photo editing software program similar to Photoshop)  to create my backgrounds and images, then add them to Web Page Maker to create my site. This way you can design all of your important parts for the look of the website and save them as any file type you like for creating your website. This can be useful if you want to cutout an image such as a tree, person, or anything, as a seperate image from the background. Then you can save it as a PNG or GIF file and be able to use it on your website. For more on that sort of technique try googling - removing an image from the background in gimp.

I find Web Pag Maker to be a very straightforward program which does all the coding for you. You can save your site easily and come back to it any time. Publishing to the internet is also simple via the Publish button. All the features are great and there is quite a lot of room to edit everything within the pages easily. Overall (especially for the price) I can't find anything I don't really like about this program. I should mention that I have no affiliation to the company who makes this software. I just found it during a google search and fell in love with it. I would definitely recommend it to friends, and I have! 

Last Impressions

Like I've said, I love it! Really easy to use, no real coding, cheap and effective! If you want to try it out you can google Web Page Maker. Also if you'd like to know more about the free photo editor, you can google Gimp. Any cheap or free programs are great for those of us on a budget, especially ones that work well.