Yahoo! said last week that starting in August or September, Yahoo! and Bing will make a partnership. The following are the search reports of the year 2010:

  • Google: 85%
  • Yahoo!: 5.89%
  • Bing: 3.25%
  • Baidu: 3.04%

By considering the historical search trends, it was found that there is an average inclination for users to search with Google, which causes the other opponents to lose ground.

Yahoo! and Bing decided to join forces in an attempt to improve their results without the need of spending too much in software. It will also obtain a favorable chunk of searches that are made by loyal Yahoo! users.

Who wins?

Both, due to the fact that the results grow to be more relevant, but it is expected that if we do a search on Yahoo! and utilize the identical words on Bing, we won't find the exact same results, considering the fact that they'll undoubtedly equalize some SEO aspects differently to make sure to accomplish different results in both. The convenience is that the search engine, Bing, is and has been well above Google, and in the SEO world, it is even said that it's the identical or greater than Google, but Google has the recognition of earlier times.

There have been many pleasant new developments since the birth of Bing. Many attributes that are new for Google are already being used by Bing. You can look for videos of Bing if you want to see something better than Google.

It is also significant to take into consideration the fact that the results of consultations for Bing's info have been and are very good. Because of this, Google is rushing to launch new editions like Google Cafeine and Google May-Day.

How can I improve my pages and posts for the union of Bing and Yahoo!?

Bing responds well to the web pages that comply with the known location points, but it doesn't respond the same as Google for the density of words. In truth, it's actually much stricter than Google. For pages that have a high occurrence of terms, this turns into a negative factor.

Optimisation of titles using the keyword is outstanding for Bing. Entry referrals are also a strong point for the web site.

Bing works rigorously on the texts' semantics and outline. That is why it gives high relevance (and rewards with good ranks) to the overall quality of the text.

For that reason, it's important to be careful about inner and external factors. The reason is because now we will be compensated with fine rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.