I love to watch movies and so do the other people in my house.  We frequently rent movies to watch together as a family and my teenagers love to watch movies with their friends.  We may watch as many as 5 movies a week between the four of us and we sometimes go to the movie theatre to watch movies, too.  That can be a lot of movies! 

Deciding on what movies to watch can be hard if you don’t have a place where you can go to find out what the movies are about and get a general idea of the feel for each movie.  That’s why it is important to me to have a source I can go to where I can read about the movies we want to watch first. 

Sometimes we like to rent series of television shows that we have missed when they were on tv, too.  Sometimes we buy boxed sets of movies from Ebay or Amazon so that we can watch them when we want to.  It’s so much more convenient to watch the television series on DVD than it is to be a slave to the tv schedule.

AIDY Reviews for TV and Movie Reviews

One of the sites that I go to often for movie reviews is AIDY Reviews.  They even have recaps of televisions shows.  There’s a wide selection of movies and the reviews are informative without giving away the entire movie.  When you read one of the reviews you can tell that it is written by someone that enjoys watching movies and not by someone that is just getting paid to do reviews.  They know what other movie watchers are looking for so they include all those important details. 

Some of the most recent movie reviews that you will find on AIDY Reviews include Another Earth, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and Point Blank.  There are more great reviews, too, and they can be really helpful in choosing movies that you want to watch at home or see at a movie theatre.

As mentioned, there are also television reviews that consist mostly of episode recaps but there are also a few DVD television series reviews, too.  Then there are the music reviews, movie news, and featured poetry.  You’ll even find some great interviews of people that are involved in the arts scene like film directors and indie animators.