It bothers me to see when talented web writers waste their time building back links, building web 2.o link wheels and commenting on blog after blog in order to achieve a higher page rank in Google.

I'm not saying that this shouldn't be done, so don't me the wrong way.  We all know that the key to real success online with blogs and content writers is to find favor with the "Big G" and ensure that we are ranked well in the all-knowing eye. 

There are blogging experts and there are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gurus.  Let them do their job and we'll do ours.

You Write And Outsource The SEO

Here's the reason I bring this up today.  I recently bought a new blog that has a lot of potential to make some consistent money on the web.  Nothing grande and fancy, but one of those small niche blogs that will brig in $50 consistently, per month with the possibility of more.

I spent all morning doing all the initial SEO plans that I had with it.  I built 9 .edu back links, all with original content and gritted my teeth the whole time.  I wanted to be adding good content to my blogs.  By the time the morning was over I emailed the person I bought the blog from and asked her to finish the SEO portion and I would pay her for it.  I would provide the articles and all she had to do was place them in the right spot, link them to my site and each other....BANG!  Link wheel.  You know the drill...

In the meantime, I would be writing content for that blog and my others.  Yay for me and my blogs!

You Can't Outsource Everything

...But NEVER outsource the writing

I see a lot of people who start a blog because they love to write actually end up OUTSOURCING THE WRITING!! Why do they do this?  Because they know that they need to rank in the search engines to bring in traffic.  They lose sight of their passion and start working for the search engines!  Hellz no!

Outsource link pyramids.  Outsource link building.  Outsource web-design.  Just don't outsource the writing.  You're the writer!  Don't let some SEO nerd take an article and spin it 40,000 times and link that crap content back to your site!  You write it and pass it on.  Let him or her do the grunt work of placing it in the right places and throwing in the anchor text.

Tip:  I also wold recommend that you don't outsource blog and forum commenting.  You should do that yourself.  One, because it is a more natural linking strategy and, two, you actually learn a lot by reading other blogs, forums and comments.

Make Babies, Make Blogs!

Blogging Dude, out!