3d TV


Deciding what television to buy is, these days becoming a tougher and tougher decision. The arrival of different screen types in the market place has made an already confusing choice even more complicated. The most recent of these creative screen types is 3D and that is what we are going to consider in this article.

The growth of 3D TV

There is nothing new about 3D technology, it has been in our cinemas for years, however it has only recently made the move into our living rooms. Like all newly developed technology, 3D TV in the US is comparatively expensive and as it needs the high speed’s currently only available with HDTV, it results in 3D costing much more than 2D TV’s. Current 3D technology requires the viewer to wear glasses, the most common type being “active shutter” glasses. As well as adding to the price, the main drawback of these is that some are brand specific. 

Technology continues to advance and manufacturers like JVC and LG have already introduced “passive” 3D which allows you to use the same type of glasses used for watching 3D at the cinema to watch your TV. Also in the pipeline are 3D TV systems that can be viewed without any glasses. An example of this is the Toshiba 55ZL2, however, early reviews suggest that there is still some way to go before it delivers the same experience as an “active shutter” TV. Nevertheless, it will come to the US, although there might be a while to wait for the teething problems to be resolved.

Lack of progress

Once you have planned to go for a 3D TV, there is still the problem of a lack of 3D programs being available in the US. Television program makers haven’t kept up with 3D TV technology so most programs are still only produced in 2D.  As demand for 3D increases, this situation will inevitably change but again viewers will have to wait for this to happen.

Where to go for advice

With all these factors to consider, it is a good idea to seek some advice before purchasing your first 3D TV. All the advice and information about the very latest developments in 3D TV in the US and Blu-Ray as well as details of all the latest 3D televisions to come on to the market is available at www.3dtv.us.

According to www.3dtv.us, all major television manufacturers are now making 3D TV’s and it is expected that 3D will account for more than fifty per cent of overall sales in the very near future. Currently different manufacturers are incorporating different technologies into their televisions but the industry does intend to introduce a standardisation policy, which will make consumer decisions simpler. Similarly, prices are likely to come down once the creative stage is over.

www.3dtv.us reviews many of the 3D TVs already on the market and detailed descriptions of various models are available on the site. The manufacturer’s specifications are also provided to allow detailed comparisons to be made. The site includes 3D updates and news which allows readers to keep abreast of what is happening and new developments in 3D TV technology. It also reviews a number of 3D games that are increasing in popularity as 3D becomes more widespread.

As 3D TV takes hold, other aspects of 3D technology are also under development, 3D Blu-Ray players, computer screens, and camcorders all being available from Sony and Panasonic.

For details of all the products available and other developments in 3D TV in the US, you can search on internet.