Webanswers. When most people hear that name they have no idea of what it means. By the end of this article I have no doubt in my mind that you will not only know what webanswers is but you will not be able to get the word out of your brain.

So what is webanswers

Webanswers is a free question & answer website where you can ask your questions for free and can answer other people's questions. Like a forum you can create pages. Webanswers is a little more complicated then a forum. On the site you can earn money by asking and answering questions. You can also award answers and refer people to the site. Pretty cool right?

How Does Webanswers Work

Webanswers works a lot like a forum. When you create a free account on the site you can ask and answer questions. To ask questions you would just go into the ask tab write your question down choose a category and boom your question has been posted to the world. Then people answer your question. Within a few days you will usually have some answers to your question. You then read the answers and choose which answer was the best and award that answer. You won't always get response to the question you ask but for most questions you will get at least one response. Most of the time the response you get tend to be long and full of detail.

When you answer a question you don't have to give that much detail but you want to go above and beyond. If you go above and beyond you are more likely to get more awarded answers. When someone has responded to your question and has given you the answer you want you should award them the answer which means by awarding them the answer you are saying they gave you the best answer and they will then get 60% of the revenue that ,that page generates. We will get into revenue latter but for now lets talk about awarded answers. It is common curtsey to award the answer to the person who gave the best response. You don't have to award the answer but it is the proper thing to do.

How To Make Money With Webanswers

So now that you know what webanswers is and how it works you will probably be wondering. How to make money with the site. The answer is easier then it appears to be. In order to make money on webanswers you need to have  an account. After you have made an account you need to next  get a Google adsense account hooked up. Doing so is very easy. You simply go to account details hook up your Google ad sense and wait to be approved. Once you are approved you can make money in no time.

      You simply start asking and answering questions to make money. When you ask and answer questions remember to have good grammar and punctuation. This all contributes to your quality score which is a score that measures the quality of the questions and answers you give. The higher the quality score the higher the earnings so work hard to get high quality score.


Hopefully you have decided to give webanswers a try. The site can be very rewarding.  I have a link in my signature to sign up.