This article is about webanswers. But more then that it is about how to make money with webanswers without really trying. There are many ways to earn money on the internet and webanswers is one of the best ways to do it. In this article I will show you my secrets to being successful on webanswers without lifting a finger!!!

For those who don't know, webanswers is a question and answering site. On the site users can ask and answer questions. Users who hook up their Adsense account to the site get a percentage of the sites earnings. If you answer a question and the person who asked the question, liked your answer the most, then they might award the answer to you meaning you get 60% of all the Adsense revenue that comes into that page.

 Now that you know what webanswers is, I am going to show you how to make money from webanswers. Asking and answer questions is the simplest way

Outsourcing work on webanswers is not easy it has only been done a couple of times but with the right person you can make it work. Heres how!

There are  2 methods to Outsourcing work on webanswers, 1, pay someone entirely and give them access to your account, or 2 pay someone to make answers to random questions you give them and then you post the answers in your account I will start with the first.


You can pay people who have access to your account to write answers to questions. This method works if you can get the right price.  Some people in 3rd world country's are unable to use webanswers because Google will not give them a Adsense account. This means that there are millions of people who are unable to earn money via Adsense. This is where webanswers comes in. You can pay someone in these country's to do the work for you and give them a small fee. This is an ingenious way to make money. The only way this will work though is if you make more money then you are paying. To ensure this try to get the cheapest rate for the highest quality work. This may be hard but can be done.

   First you have to find someone to do the work. You can go to sites like to find people to work for you. There is a huge number of people willing to work. Then you simply hire them and set a contract up. You have to decide how to pay the person. I recommend only paying for results meaning you pay the person for each awarded answer they get. That way you are not paying for junk answers. This insures profitability.

There are many people out there willing to work for close to nothing so you have a high chance of success, also some people who are very smart writers and readers work for very little money meaning you can easily make a profit.

  One thing to consider is the fact that the person you hire might steal your account, since they will have access to it. This is a very good concern. This is why it is vital that you hire someone reputable. There are many shady businesspeople and you have to know which ones to trust. Never put to much personal information on the site so you do not get taken advantage of. When you hire someone and give them access to your account, make sure you know who they are, also check your account once in a while to make sure they didn't tamper with your personal information and passwords. If you are careful you should be able to hire someone to write answers for you, and make a profit while doing it.

The second method to outsourcing work on webanswers is too just  pay people to give you responses for questions. I like this method the best. I first find questions that are asked multiple times. Then I go to Amazon Turk or any other freelancing site and I get someone to write a long 400-600 word response. Then I post this response on the site and hope to get an awarded answer, since I am only paying 0.5-3 dollars for the response, I can get  high chance of making money. Most long responses get awards so I have a very good chance of getting an awarded answer. Even if you don't get an awarded answer, you will still earn money due to your activity on the site.

   You have to find questions that a ton of people ask so that you can post the answer anytime you want. There are many questions about earning money online and webanswers itself.  If you pay someone to write an answer for the question, How does Webanswers Work? you are almost guaranteed to be able to use it. Everyday at least 1-20 people ask this question on the site and getting awarded answers from these questions are easy!