If you are interest in answering questions and making money from them, try webanswers.com. It is a new websites similar to yahoo answers except it pays you to answer questions. The websites uses  Google Adsense to make money, similar to how infobarrel does it. If people click your ads, you get a spilt of the money earns. 



How Does Webanswers Work?

Webanswers is still in the beta version and it changes, so what I say might be not be complete true by the time you visit the website. Webanswers work very similar to yahoo answers, you answers questions, and the author of the question pick the best answers. But you get paid to answer questions. You have to sign up for google adsense, which you already do if you have an infobarrel accounts.

When you answer questions, the authors pick the best answers, and the ad revenues get spilt 60/40 between you and websites. If no best answers were pick then the ad time rotate between all those who answer the question. The amount of time you get on the rotation depends on your quality score.

What is Quality Score?

Webanswers has this secret quality score it gives to each person which is not reveal to you. The higher the quality score, the more likely you will make money since 90 percents of questions in webanswers does not have a best answer. To get a high score, you need to:

  1. Answer questions with quality original contents. Do not copy, this will get you ban from the website. It is really similar to how you would write an article, you have to do research.
  2. Try to write more than 100 words. Google and webanswers like long answers. Try to avoid one sentences answer as much as possible but it does happen.
  3. Numbers count just as much as quality. If you answer only a few questions and stop, it is not going to help you improve your quality score. You want to answer a huge amount of question with quality contents. It is not as hard as you might think. Some people there answer thousands of questions and when I started, I answer 50 questions in about 1 hours-1.5 hours. 

My Experiences & Earning:

This is what everyone is interested in. Earning at webanswers come much quicker than writing articles. On my first day, I made 90 cents and have been making more than a dollar a day since then. Some day I do make nothing but they are few in between. Here are a couple of tips to improve your earning:

  1. Answer questions that are more likely to be search. If you answer a bunch of math problems, it is not going to make you much money.
  2. I have notices that certain questions get search more on different season. Since it is tax season, I answer more questions on taxes, and that gets me more clicks. Question about taxes gets a lot of money per click, more so than others category.
  3. Get a high quality score. Refer to the tips above.
  4. Be persistence and numbers do count. If you answer 50-100 questions and do not make any money yet, do not quit. Making money online is hard and it takes time, although you see earning pretty quick with webanswers.
  5. Try to answer 10 questions a day or else you being to lose money. Webanswers is not completely passive, if you want to maintain your earning, you need to keep answering questions. This is not hard, just answer 10 questions a day and your earning should be steady, and this is probably 15 minutes of work.
  6. Set up url channel on Google Adsense for all the different category. This allows you to track which category is getting how much views and clicks. This is going to help you determines what type of questions you should answers.
  7. Refer people to the site help your earning. The refer system is similar to infobarrel.

If you feel like making an extra buck answering questions, join webanswers.com. Some people on this websites do make a decent amount, 800 dollars to over a thousand answering a bunch of questions.