This is my honest review and opinion of the website This review  reflects my personal experience as a user on the site. Webanswers is an Adsense sharing website where people ask and answer questions. The person asking the question can award a best answer to the one who comes up with the best quality answer.

The person who has their answer awarded can receive Adsense royalties for a year on that page. This lead me to believe that users would be focusing on giving great answers all the time. I recently signed up for this website, maybe 2 weeks ago. I got really bored answering questions, but found that I preferred asking questions instead. The problem? This website leaves a person wide open for rude attacks from other members. Has No Comment Moderation

Some of the questions I asked were answered in very critical and rude ways that were personal in nature. Once you ask a question on this site, any rude troll can say whatever they want and there is no way to remove a nasty comment. I hate sites that don't have comment moderation. Flagging a nasty answer got me nowhere and the comments are still there.

There Is A Serious Troll Problem On

There seems to be a core group of users that enjoy flaming and trolling on this site. Almost immediately I wanted to delete my account because this type of environment turns me off. The troll personality will always be around on the internet, but not being able to delete negative comments isn't fair to the question asker. Some of these folks are long-term users and are getting away with foul behavior.

My Account Is Being Held Hostage

I want to close my account with Webanswers as I will not put up with no comment moderation on a site that has so many rude users. I have been trying to close my account with this site for more than 2 weeks. First, I used the contact form provided on the site. No response. I then sent 3 personal e-mails with the last one written in size 32 font telling them to close my account. Still no response whatsoever from the admin of this site.

A warning: this site has an unresponsive admin. If you go to Webanswers, you will find that many people have tried to close their accounts and they get absolutely ignored. I don't just want to keep my account open and never use it. I want them to close my account and delete me permanently from their system. They are holding my account hostage. I have already disconnected my Adsense account so they are not profiting from holding me hostage.

Ideas For Getting My Account Banned

I am so upset about the unresponsive admin that I am now desperate enough to start trying to get myself banned on purpose. If I have to, I will start copy-pasting and whatever I have to do to be removed from this site. As you can see, my personal experience with Webanswers has been negative.I am very upset and disgusted at this point.

It is the combination of no comment moderation for insulting answers and lack of response from the site's owner that made me write this personal review. I am sure that many people love  My personality is such that I don't want to deal with rude comments to make money online.