Have you ever wondered why webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs, the classic nylon design, are so popular?  There are actually a number of reasons, some of which you’ve probably never really taken the time to consider and examine.  There are definitely several reasons they have been around for lots of years and will continue to be around for many years to come.  In this article, I’d like to share some of the best features of them, why they are so popular, and some additional information you’ll want to keep in mind as you shop around for bargain, cheap pricing. 


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There are many different colors available.

Webbed ALUMINUM Folding Lawn Chairs

Yep, aluminum is better.  Aluminum does not rust, so unlike steel, they will not rust away after being left outside for the first day.  This is one of the reasons you see so many older ones out there, ones which have been around for many years and still look great, although the nylon webbing could be a little outdated on the ones you look at. 

Another key reason aluminum lawn chairs are so popular is the simple fact they are very lightweight.  Wooden outdoor furniture and steel outdoor patio chairs are very heavy and bulky.  The very first time you pick one up, you will realize it weighs so much less and is so much easier to haul around and transport from garage to yard.  Despite the fact they are so light, they are super strong.

Aluminum is very strong.  The weakest points on these types of folding outdoor chairs are the webbing and the steel bolts used to keep them together where they pivot for folding.  The actual frame, although generally hollow, is very strong and durable.  This means they are able to handle even those of us that go by ‘big man’ terms.  They are generally pretty good for anyone who’s on the heavier side of the scale.


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Reasons You Should buy Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs

Folding:  You’ll be able to hang them up on your garage wall easily.  When folded and hung upside down, they will only take up a few inches of depth each, so you can fit more than one on most garage wall hooks.  Since they are lightweight, it won’t place unnecessary stress on the hook itself and you’ll be able to put up several of them on each single hook to install.  Since many of us have limited storage space, it really can make a big difference.

Easy to Repair:  If the frame bends, you are pretty much done, but if the webbing wears out or rots, it can be replaced.  If the bolts rust out, they can be replaced.  It means you can make very cheap, cost effective repairs and keep them looking really great, even for many years to come.  This makes the lifetime cost of ownership very cheap, since you can make them last for many, many years with minor repairs.

Price:  Even though they last much longer than virtually all other outdoor lawn chairs, they are priced pretty cheap, generally much less than almost every other type you’ll find out there for sale.  If you comparison shop, you’ll quickly realize nylon webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs are probably the best value you’re going to find.

Long Lasting:  Since they are made of aluminum and they are easy to repair, they are possibly the longest lasting outside folding lawn chair you’ll find on the market.  This really is one of the best possible benefits you’ll find, since you can expect the lifetime cost of ownership to be a lot less this way.

Many Colors:  Another great benefit of this type of patio furniture, is the many colors and patterns you’ll find for sale at the various retail outlets and stores around the county.  Most major retailers will have multiple styles and designs for the nylon webbing, so you should be able to find something to work for your particular taste.  Best of all, perhaps, is that if you change your mind on the colors and patterns down the road, they are pretty easy to update and make to match your new outdoor colors.

Easy to Update:  Another great benefit you might not have considered is how easy these are to update and keep looking fresh.  If you change color schemes, for example, with only a few dollars or so, you can buy new replacement nylon webbing.  Rather than having to buy all new outdoor furniture, you can simply buy new webbing and keep your backyard looking g

Nylon Replacement Webbing for Folding Aluminum Lawn Chairs

Nylon replacement webbing is very cheap, making them easy to repair and cost effective.  If you are looking to update or have webbing that’s very worn or faded, it’s not going to cost you very much money to pull it off and make it look like brand new. 

You can generally find 1 ½ inch nylon strap in a 30 foot roll for under ten dollars, although prices will vary. If you want designer colors or some type of fancy design, it will likely run you a little under 20 dollars.  You can find them at most of the stores what sell the webbed folding lawn chairs, or you can buy them online, at cheap prices.

You’ll discover that some of the sellers offer a warranty and others do not.  You’ll have to decide how important a warranty is to you when you are shopping around.  Personally, so long as I buy from a reputable seller, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  Honestly, who would take the time to return a $10 item a year later and go through the hassle?  Not me, but I’m sure some would be willing to do it.

As you shop around for replacement webbing, you’ll soon realize it’s pretty sturdy and can be found in a number of different places.  You’ll love the style, durability, and lightweight aspects of webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs.